(1.) Considering every social group, the Reconstruction was successful for some and a failure for others. After a distasteful period, the Democrats regained, not only their southern politics, but idea

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Considering every social group, the Reconstruction was successful for some and a failure for others. After a distasteful period, the Democrats regained, not only their southern politics, but ideal favors. Thanks to the Compromise of 1877, they were able to manipulate an election (Hayes) and repossess their power. In similarity with white conservatives, both groups became excessively violent towards freedman.

This incorrigible behavior and terror produced white supremacist groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan. For them, terrorizing African Americans was a major achievement, which fed their racism.

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As for African Americans, the Reconstruction process was bittersweet. Sure, they gained their freedom, citizenship, and right to vote, but where they fully liberated? Not quite. Black codes and racial terrorism threatened their lives every day, some had the opportunity to run for Congress, “own property”, go to school, and build several churches that would provide political, social, and educational growth. Unfortunately, the struggle did not vanish. On the contrary, it gained momentum in the new century.

In comparison with African Americans, women were also in a vortex of inequality. They did not gain their right to vote after the 15th Amendment was ratified, causing the creation of the women’s movement.

In my perspective, the Reconstruction was both, successful and a failure. Although, certain triumphs were conceived, negligence would shadow most of them. The Union was restored, and slavery was abolished. Does not seem much, compared to all the failures the Reconstruction brought upon, such as poverty, terrorism and inequality. While some who have the white privilege badge managed poverty and mental illness, African Americans dealt with providing food for their families, death threats, racism, harassment, prejudice, mental illness and impunity.

(2.)After deep thought and speculation, I found myself contradicting myself, and ultimately concluded that the Reconstruction Era was an overall success. While it is true that the Reconstruction Era failed to give everything that was promised to African Americans, it set up movements that would run the course of history. First, during Reconstruction, it succeeded in admitting the southern states that were formerly part of the Confederacy back into the Union. Reconstruction brought the development of the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, that would be used towards the fight for equality; the 14th amendment would be utilized as an argument in many supreme court cases. These amendments freed enslaved people, gave African Americans the right to vote, and established the “due process” and “equal protection” clauses. It gave formerly enslaved people more freedom to participate in politics and the freedom to take control of their social lives. Many of which, as stated in the textbook, African American men now had the opportunity to vote in mass numbers and participate as delegates in state conventions; one success was setting up a public educational system. Also, it set up the foundation for the women’s rights movement, although it was not yet so effective. To conclude, in the long run, the Reconstruction period was a success.

IN 4-5 LINES RESPOND TO THIS DISCUSSION BOARD. discuss how and when Reconstruction failed or succeeded. You are welcome to disagree:  But don’t attack each other.


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