1 English 211 Persuasive Memo Assignment Business Solutions Scenario You work with the executive team for a mid-sized company that has been growing…

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Help me with the Persuasive Memo Assignment.

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1 English 211Persuasive Memo AssignmentBusiness SolutionsScenarioYou work with the executive team for a mid-sized company that has been growing wellin the last 10 years. At present, the company employs about 150 people and about20% of them are part time, working less than 30 hours generally. But depending on theseason or active projects, the number of part-timers grows another 10 to 15% and manyof them also work additional hours. Though these employees have been integral to thecompany’s growth, because they are part time, they are not extended the healthinsurance benefit offered to full time employees.The company president has recently asked the executive team for recommendations onhow to address part-timers and the Affordable Care Act mandates that become effectivesoon. She is very conscious of how important the part-time staff is to the company, butshe is also conscious of the ever increasing cost of the health care benefit to thecompany’s bottom line.As part of the executive team, your task is to research the implications of the AffordableCare Act from several perspectives as it applies to a company of your size and offerrecommendations for your boss to consider, regarding the part time staff. Recall, as ourbook points out, persuasion most often recognizes that there are multiple sides tocomplex problems. Therefore, your response must offer both pros and cons forconsideration, followed by your recommendation and why you think it is the bettersolution.AssignmentWrite a formal business memo to your boss explaining your position on the issue andinclude a recommendation. You should research the topic of the Affordable Care Actand provide evidence and reasons to support your final recommendation basedon this research. Do not rely on a single research source on which to base yourrecommendations. Use APA Style for citing your sources. FormatYour message should be in the form of a business memo, addressed to your president(feel free to create the name). Remember to include an appropriate subject line specificto the situation. Refer to the examples in the text for assistance. EvaluationThis assignment is worth 100 points. Evaluation will be based on the following criteriaat minimum:Revised Nov2013 2 1. Audience: Has the appropriate audience been considered for the documentand/or has consideration been given to the scenario described in the assignment?Has an Audience Analysis sheet been completed and submitted?2. Format: Is the document formatted according to assignment requirements andstandard business practices?3. Document elements: Does the document include all necessary elements, per theassignment and the particular type of document?4. Language: Does the document use acceptable business language/style? Is thedocument free from errors in spelling, grammar, mechanics and punctuation?5. Research: Has appropriate research been conducted to support the writing? Hasit been used professionally and cited accurately for APA style? Revised Nov2013

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