1 Page Essay on United States History Question

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Be sure to address the
questions in the prompt directly in your introduction paragraph.
Your essay should set forth a clear argument (thesis). One page, single space, 12pt font Times New Roman. Will ONLY accept quality papers, NO plagiarism. Thank you! 

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“From the
drafting of the nation’s founding documents forward, the tension between the
quest for equality and representative government, on one side, and the
determination to preserve powers of domination and privilege, on the other, has
animated the main battles of American history?” – Nancy MacLean

When we began
our course, I stated that “freedom” has been “the great animator” in American
history. I contended that the American past is best understood by exploring the
insider/outsider dilemma.

To what extent did you
find this analytical thread useful? That is, in what ways and to what degree
does this theme organize a messy history and/or in what ways does it distort or
detract from a more accurate portrayal of the American past?

In your essay, fully explore one major development from
of the following periods (1870 – 1920, 1920 – 1960, 1960 – 1990)
to demonstrate the utility and/or limitations of the insider/outsider dilemma
framework. If you feel that the insider/outsider framework is completely
rubbish, propose a new framework and show how it better organizes American
history by exploring the same periods defined above.


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