2-3 page paper on lack of equality/power for some and gained for others (through documentaries)

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I need a 2 page paper due by Monday 12/17 at 9A.M.This topic is about sexuality throughout history

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The papers prompt is “please write a 2/3-page paper making an argument for the ways that the lack of equality or balance of power resulted in barriers for some and opportunities for others. You might consider issues like race, gender, ethnicity, age, or class as you consider how diversity is socially and historically constructed. You should draw on both assigned primary and secondary source readings and the films that we’ve discussed in class. Some of the films we will watch include: Southern Comfort, The Pill (PBS), Celluloid Closet, Invisible War, and Price of Pleasure. I will provide a bibliography with the information you will need to draw on for your own bibliography.”

Southern comfort documentary:

the pill documentary:

All the links can not be provided so i will finish the rest of the paper


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