200-350 Word Discussion Post on Court System

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Answer the following questions, minimum 200 words – no more than 350.

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  1. How would you describe the difference between proof beyond a reasonable doubt and proof by a preponderance of the evidence?
  2. Should appellate courts look at videotapes of the trial they’re reviewing or just examine the record of trial? Explain.
  3. Do you think the American criminal justice system discriminates against the poor? Explain.
  4. In what ways do you think our court systems can be made more fair?
  5. Should judges be elected or appointed? Explain.
  6. Do you think there’s enough diversity on the US Supreme Court? Explain.
  7. Do you think the US Supreme Court is too political? Explain.
  8. Many states have “stand your ground” laws. Do you think there’s an issue with these laws that should be reviewed by the US Supreme Court? Explain.
  9. Do you agree with the “Rule of Four?” Explain.
  10. Should a person be subject to a civil suit for a crime of which they were found not guilty? Explain.



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