4 pages ​Proposal Project

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Proposal Project

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Document Specifics

The proposal should be based on a product or concept of your choice from the list of topics below. Preparation and presentation of this project should follow the guidelines:

  • Your final proposal must be a minimum of 4 single-spaced pages in length (not including front matter or end matter like References lists, appendices, et cetera) in 12 point Times New Roman font.
  • It must include ALL elements from the checklist marked as ‘Required’.
  • 2 informative graphic elements must also be included in the proposal.They must be informative, and not purely decorative.
  • At least 4 external, quality research sources must also be consulted, and referenced in the text.
  • A short Cover Memo or Letter should introduce the project to your audience.

The guidelines and expectations for this assignment are detailed in the Checklist for Proposals which follows.

Suggested Topics:Your proposal topic must be chosen from the following list of proposal ideas. (You should create names for people and organizations for the project):

  • 1) Imagine that a company has some sort of problem or wants to make some sort of improvement. It sends out a request for proposals; you receive one and respond with a proposal. You offer to come in, investigate, interview, make recommendations — and present it all in the form of a report. Common business issues consultants often help with are high turnover rates; poor customer service ratings; employee theft; morale issues; need for basic training on topics like sexual harassment, cultural sensitivity, workplace enthusiasm, etc. to name a few.
  • 2) An organization wants a seminar in your expertise. For example, how to be prepared for workplace violence; how to deal with emergency situations in the workplace; how to improve cultural sensitivity; how to improve professional dinner etiquette, etc., etc. You write a proposal to give the seminar—included in the package deal is a guide or handbook that the people attending the seminar will receive.
  • 3) You have been approached by a career consulting company.They do not have someone on staff with your particular career expertise, but they are considering the value of adding the position.You are asked to present a proposal about your career field, which would also include information about how/why this particular career would be of value to the Career Consulting Company, as opposed to some other career field.
  • 4) Some agency has just started using a fancy desktop-publishing system, but the documentation is giving people fits. You receive a request for proposals from this agency to write some sort of simplified training guide along with short training sessions.

Cover Document

A brief Cover Memo or Letter should also be included, which appropriately presents the final project to your audience. This cover document is NOT included in the final page count requirement.


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