A Dolls house

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For the second essay in this course, you will craft an essay that discusses theme in relation to A Doll’s House.

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As you write your essay, remember that you need to state what the theme of the text is, how that theme is constructed, and why that theme matters or what it adds to the meaning of the text overall. It is not enough to merely mention that death is a theme (and death is never a theme). Remember that a theme is expressed as a subject and predicate (full sentence, not merely a topic), and it reveals some general truth or insight.

  • Use MLA Format (8th edition only)
  • Only use information from the readings (and the textbook as needed)
  • Cite the play with a direct quote to support major ideas in each body paragraph
  • Include in-text citations (MLA only)
  • Be specific
  • The essay should be 2-3 pages
  • Use your own thoughts and ideas.
  • If you wish to use third-party sources, you must cite them correctly by using MLA (8th edition) for Works Cited and in-text citations.
  • Use the academic third person formal point of view. Do not use “I, we, hour, or especially you.
  • Do not use implied “you” statements such as commands to the reader: “[You should] Hear Nora say”
  • General essay structure:
    • Introduction beginning from general to specific, ending in a clear thesis statement. No evidence or quotes in an introduction paragraph.
    • Body paragraphs 1 and 2 (or more) beginning with clear topic sentences that predict the entire paragraph’s contents. Each should contain direct quotes to support main ideas by using in-text citations in MLA format.
    • Conclusion paragraph beginning with a reworded thesis statement and moving back from specific to general statements, perhaps leaving the reader with a final thought. No evidence or quotes in a conclusion paragraph, and no new ideas or claims.
    • Works Cited page using current (8th edition) MLA formatting requirements.
  • Proofread carefully and note the attached rubric
  • Seek assistance from the online tutors through Smart Thinking, linked to the left of our Canvas menu, or work with a tutor in the ASC in any PHSC campus library.

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