ACCT 10 Pasadena City College A Complete Accounting Cycle Project Memo & Worksheet

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Hi, I recently had some work completed by a Studypool tutor, and would like someone to check it for errors.

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This is a project for my bookkeeping accounting class.

I’ll provide the files from the Studypool tutor (attached): memorandum, project excel file, as well as the files and template from my professor.

If the project needs corrections, I’ll invite you work on it.

Directions from Professor:

To receive full credit, you must build the spreadsheet using the Excel template provided in the “Files” section.

You will complete a Problem as your project on a multi-page, formulated, interconnected Excel sheet including the following tabs:

  • General Journal Tab
  • General Ledger – Asset Tab
  • General Ledger – Liability Tab
  • General Ledger – Equity Tab
  • Worksheet Tab
  • Income statement and Stock Holders’ Equity Tab
  • Classified Balance Sheet Tab
  • Post-Closing Trial Balance Tab

The Excel project of “Group X Consulting Inc.” must be submitted with a Business Memorandum.

A memorandum—usually known as a memo—is a document which is most commonly used for internal communication between coworkers or members of a department. In our case, the Board of Directors is concerned about this year profitability. Each issue in a memorandum needs one paragraph plus you should start with one introduction at the beginning and finish with one conclusion at the end of the memorandum. You do not write unnecessary information in the memorandum. You should write only about requested issues. You need to write a memo to the board of director about their concern based on your prepared financial reports.

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