Activity 2 Assignment Instructions Pick only one paragraph sample from the options below and write a 450-550 word paragraph analysis. The analysis should identify the main argument or focus of the par

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Activity 2 Assignment Instructions Pick only one paragraph sample from the options below and write a 450-550 word paragraph analysis. The analysis should identify the main argument or focus of the paragraph, and explain how the author structures the paragraph to convey their message. Analyze how the topic sentence sets the tone and direction for the rest of the paragraph. Consider the following questions when analyzing the paragraph: How does the author develop and support the topic sentence? What types of evidence does the author use to develop the paragraph? Is the structure of the paragraph effective, engaging, and unified? How does the paragraph conclude? Does the paragraph transition to the next paragraph? Page 2 of 3 Options Choose only one paragraph to analyze. Option 1: We encourage children to act stupidly, not only by scaring and confusing them, but by boring them, by filling their days with dull, repetitive tasks that make little or no claim on their attention or demands on their intelligence. Our hearts leap for joy at the sight of a room full of children all slogging away at some imposed task, and we are all the more pleased and satisfied if someone tells us that children don’t really like what they are doing. We tell ourselves that this drudgery is good preparation for life, and we fear that without it children would be hard to ‘control’. But why must this busy work be so dull? Why not give tasks that are interesting and demanding? Source: Neill, Alexander Sutherland. Summerhill: A Radical Approach to Education. Penguin, 1968. Option 2: Mars was not a lucky planet. Mars dried up. Mars is small, about half Earth’s diameter, so it cooled off faster than Earth did after their birth in the cloud of dust left over from the sun’s creation. Compared to its overall volume, more of Mars’ mass is exposed to the icy blackness of space. As it cooled, its iron-nickel core solidified. When this happened, we think, the Martian magnetic field shut down, robbing Mars of its protective shield, of the sort that still safeguards Earth from solar and cosmic rays. Time and the brightening sun stripped away the Martian atmosphere before the planet’s algae, if it existed, had a chance to make the air thick and warm. Mars turned to rust before any skeletons could adorn its deserts, before any creatures could look up and contemplate their place among the other dots in the night sky. While Earth is fecund and bursting with life, Mars is, and may have always been, barren. To me, this is why Mars is the best planet. A few simple changes turn its history into our history, and vice versa. That’s the key thing; that could have been us. Source: Boyle, Rebecca. “Why Mars Is the Best Planet.” The Atlantic. 2017. Option 3: Employees hold power today in a way they haven’t in decades. COVID-19 sped up the retirement of Canada’s baby boomers. Unemployment, including youth unemployment, is at near-historic lows. Job vacancies throughout 2022 sat at long-time highs (they’ve fallen somewhat since, though still sit well above normal). The labour market is in dire need of more workers, and job seekers have leverage to extract real concessions. At the same time, new technology is enabling unparalleled flexibility as to how and where work gets done. And for people of all ages, the pandemic instigated a major reconsideration of what they want out of their jobs and lives. The Gen Z revolt is here. If we can seize this moment in time, we have the power to change the world of work for the better—for ourselves and for everyone else. Source: Bai, Stephanie. “You’re Wrong About Gen Z.” Maclean’s. February 16, 2023.

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