American University of Armenia Ethical Concerns in Bioarchaeological Research Discussion

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Before coming to Week 16’s class, read and take notes on the following item.

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  • Buikstra, J. E., DeWitte, S. N., Agarwal, S. C., Baker, B. J., Bartelink, E. J., Berger, E., Blevins, K. E., Bolhofner, K., Boutin, A. T., Brickley, M. B., Buzon, M. R., de la Cova, C., Goldstein, L., Gowland, R., Grauer, A. L., Gregoricka, L. A., Halcrow, S. E., Hall, S. A., Hillson, S., … Zakrzewski, S. R. (2022). Twenty-first century bioarchaeology: Taking stock and moving forward. Yearbook of Biological Anthropology 178(Suppl. 74):54–114. to an external site.

This is a review on decades of bioarchaeological research and future directions. There are 11 specific topics where specialists on each topic discussed its current research progress and reflected on possible shortfalls and recommendations.

Browse the article and select three of the 11 topics in this article you find most relevant to our semester-long discussion on skeleton-related ethical issues and write a summary about them. Your summary MUST be between 250 and 300 words (i.e., this summary should be twice as long as the usual length). Be sure to also include one question or discussion point.

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