American University of Armenia Five Species Anthropology Essay

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1. List the five African Primate Species studied in this film.

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2. Compare one monkey and one ape from this video. I recommend watching the whole film through and selecting your one monkey species and your one ape species then comparing your two selections in either list or narrative format.

Include :

name of species, both popular name, and scientific name.

Their Foraging pattern and diet.

Their ecological niche, and location,

Information about their Social organization, and interaction patterns and behaviors.

The Defensive methods they utilize, their key features, and information about their relationship with humans if available. Who are their predators?

  • use the terminology from the video:
  • arboreal, foraging ranges
  • proximal
  • troop size, affiliative,
  • male, female, infant, juvenile, subadult and adult
  • sexual dimorphism
  • cheek pouches
  • locomotive features quadrupedal, bipedal, semi brachiator, brachiator, knuckle-walking, climbing
  • vocalization, calls, barks, head bobbing, croaking food barks, yawns, humming, belching, facial cues
  • social play, nursing, and weening, mother-infant bond
  • muzzling
  • grooming, grooming partners, social time and activities, social currency, self-scratching, sleeping nests
  • imitation, supervising


Choose from

Old World monkeys:

vervet – member of genus______ species name –

blue monkey – member of genus ____ species name –

black and white colobus monkey – member of genus ____ species name –


chimpanzees – member of the genus ______ species name -. ( there is an error in the captions on the chimpanzee segment. the captioner writes (monkeys chatter, shriek, etc). this is, of course, wrong since she is speaking about chimpanzees and they are apes and not monkeys)

Lowland gorillas – member genus _______ species name –

Make sure you SUMMARIZE what are the key Similarities and the KEY differences at the end !

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