Americas 16 Sectors Congressional Leaders Discussion

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The last week of class and all the reading we covered gave me a lot to think about.  Professors Minetree’s long road for search and rescue was a phonemical story.  As with anything, first there is an idea then the idea needs support after that congressional leaders need to buy the idea and run with it.  I find it amusing that FEMA gave no support, interest, or thought. However, later, after going to Capitol Hill; FEMA was forced to buy in and lead the program now known as Urban Search and Rescue.  Also, this goes back to the American dream and how anyone can make a difference.  As long as they have innovative idea, plan, and support; anything is possible and we see a great example of this.  Think of the Industrial Age and Elie Whitney’s Cotton Gin and how this machine changed the world.  Bill Gates’s Microsoft and Steve Jobs creation of Apple.  I go could go on forever, but the point is these ideas changed the world and impacted millions of people. 

           We all know America’s 16 sectors of CI/KR are at risk and vulnerabilities do exist.  Maybe it will take an innovative mind to fight and step-up for what they believe in and try to change the way Congress and other government leaders think.  Though I do not agree with anything she does or says, AOC is trying to make a difference by making everything green.  As we know, this is due to Global Warming; her ideas are great but that price tag and time frame is asinine.  But you never know maybe it will work and the planet may be saved sooner.  Al Gore had this idea in the 90s, but AOC used it has her campaign to get elected. Eli Musk created the electrical car Tesla and it is making waves.  I think the biggest issue is, there are around 48 million people in the U.S alone; smart phones, social media, and other innovative ideas are bringing people closer than ever before.  This creates a bottle neck for truth, privacy issues, and a billion issues. 

           Hypothetically speaking if I were to become and advocate, I would focus on finding better ways to educate and make the populace more aware of cyber threats.  More specifically on malware and Social Engineering.  Drive by down loads lead to Trojan Horses and loss of PII and is an effect of impatience.  Think about it?  In 2019, information is at our fingertips; all the data is there.  People are still getting vishing scams from non-legitimate banks and the IRS.  I still see stories on the news, old lady gets scammed four thousand dollars.  Most of the scammers want Bitcoin or Apple Pay cards, some scammers threaten to call the police to arrest the victim.  How can people believe this non sense?  In government facilities and IT businesses, there needs to be more awareness training and reminder signs posted of the basics and high-level information that the end user can control.  This is easy stuff; stop being tricked into giving information away.  Granted these policies, procedures, guidelines are there; the person in the seat is the wrong person.   I wrote on many perspectives; hopefully I did not lose anyone.

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