an employee is experiencing job satisfaction, management homework help

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The assignment must be typed in MS Word, double-space between your answers for each question and single-space within the body of your answers to each question (paragraphs), minimum length should be 2 pages.

Remember to properly cite all your sources using APA style.

Answer each question fully, using complete sentences and in paragraph format, number each answer as it correlates to the question.

Cite all outside resources used and use in-text citation for any quoted material.

1. How can you tell if an employee is experiencing job satisfaction? How can you tell that they are highly committed to the organization? If a worker is not satisfied, what can a manager do to improve satisfaction? What can a manager do to improve organizational commitment?

2. Discuss a team you are currently or were a member of, if you have never been a member of a team discuss a work group you have assigned to whether at work, for a charity/volunteer group or for a school project. Was the team effective? If so, why was it effective (discuss specific actions, attributes of the team, and/or resources that contributed to the effectiveness)? If not, why not and what could have been done to make it more effective? Review the team member roles (exhibit 10-7). Which role did you fulfill? How did you fulfill that role?

3. Pick a large national or multinational company. Go to that company’s website, read about the company, its values, employees, careers, etc. (usually this information is posted under headings such as  “Careers”, “About Us”, “Our Employees”, “Our History”)  What’s your assessment of the company’s work environment? Knowing what motivates you, do you feel the company would be a good fit for you? Why or why not?

4. Think about what you thought you knew about Steve Jobs prior to reading this Case Application. How would you have described his leadership style (discuss one of the leadership styles outlined in text that you thought best fit your view of Steve Jobs)? Then read Case Application # 3 – Leadership Legacy (on page 360 in text – chapter 12) and do some quick research on Steve Jobs. After reading this Case Application and researching, how would you describe his leadership style? Is it the same as what you previously thought? If not, which leadership style do you feel he most closely followed?

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