Analytical Essay on Hippocratic Oath

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Write an analytical essay that responds to the topic question – “B. Has the Hippocratic Oath outlived its usefulness?“. Systematically develop a position throughout the entire essay and defend the position with a combination of logic, evidence, and analysis. You must use material from Veatch’s The Basics of Bioethics (which is attached), and one other source of your choosing.

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The Title announces the subject of the essay in an intriguing or memorable way.
The Introduction opens with a general statement about the topic and then goes into more detail, leading
up to a statement of the specific Thesis at the end. Start with a vivid statement of the problem, an
intriguing quotation, an anecdote, a question, or a strong opinion. The rest of the introduction then
develops this beginning item into a more general or detailed presentation of the topic and the thesis.

Minimum of five full pages long; maximum of six full pages long, Double spaced, page numbers, 1-inch margins, 12 pt font, MLA format, Include citations from the two works, Provide a Works Cited page with the two texts listed.

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