Arizona College Biology Discussion

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Research and develop a pedigree chart and develop an analysis of the inheritance pattern. After you complete your initial post, respond to your classmates. Follow the discussion prompts to complete this Discussion Board assignment.

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To begin:

  • Research some human traits that follow the simple dominant/recessive pattern as in Mendelian controlled traits. Use your findings to discover and analyze the inheritance patterns within your family.
  • Some examples that follow this pattern:
    • Freckles
    • Widow’s Peak
    • Dimples
    • Hitchhiker’s thumb
    • Attached Earlobes
    • Cleft chin
    • Tongue Rolling
    • X-linked disorders (Color Blindness, hemophilia)
    • Dominant/Recessive Genetic Disorders

Keep in mind that many other human traits are polygenic and will not present accurately in a pedigree. ( color, eye color, skin tone, height)

Option: If you do not want to research your own family, or are unable to, other options include researching a friend’s family or even a celebrity family and documenting their inherited traits into a pedigree.

Discussion Prompts:

  • Using the information that you gathered, develop a pedigree following a specific trait through 2-3 generations.
  • You may utilize (Links to an external site.) as a resource to develop your pedigree. The pedigree chart can also be built using the following formats:
    • Hand-drawn
    • Word
    • PPT
    • JPG
    • PNG
  • Regardless of the format you use, the pedigree chart must be visible within the discussion, as shown in the example above. This will require you to upload it as a JPG or PNG using the tool bar when you write your analysis.
  • Include an analysis of your pedigree:
    • Describe the relationships you found within the pedigree chart. Is this the relationship you expected to find? Explain.
    • Identify any anomalies (if they exist) you discovered that did not follow the traditional dominant/recessive trait outcomes. Explain/hypothesize as to why these anomalies have occurred.

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