ART MUSEUM ASSIGNMENT You are required to visit a major art museum in person, as that is the intent of this individual field trip assignment. You are to choose between creating a visual art museum Pow

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You are required to visit a major art museum in person, as that is the intent of this individual field trip assignment. You are to choose between creating a visual art museum PowerPoint project – OR – writing a three-page art museum essay critique. This assignment is due according to the date indicated on the course schedule.

Objectives: Students will experience personal interactions with original works of visual art in an art museum environment. Students will then reflect upon their general responses to the works encountered and record their experiences of observation, critical thinking, participation, and applied knowledge. Students will select only one painting or sculpture on which to focus for their detailed analysis specifically.

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Purpose: To understand and appreciate a work of art, one must personally encounter and experience that work. This assignment is designed to draw the student away from the textbook and out into the real world of art exhibitions. Because works of art reflect and expose the culture in which they were created, engagement with original art can enhance an individual’s perception of and insight into his/her heritage and cultural identity. In addition, awareness of the contributions of artists and cultures to the global community may promote multicultural awareness and appreciation. Finally, this assignment affords students the opportunity to broaden their horizons and to enjoy the artistic and cultural advantages available in or near their own or different cities.

Photos: Photos must be included, so take a cell phone camera or a camera without the flash. The power point should present art museum photos throughout selected slides; however, give focus to one selected work of art. The written paper is to present photos at the end of the three page written paper; do not include photos within or the middle of the written paper. Photos should present you standing beside your selected artwork and photo details of your work of art, as well as selfie(s) – you with your selected art and you at the museum. If you want to include photos of additional artwork Museum assignment, you are to choose between creating a visual art museum PowerPoint project – OR – writing a three-page art museum essay critique paper.  The PowerPoint is to contain between 15 – 20 slides. The essay critique is to be three fully written pages in length (12-point font, double-spaced.) Either should be free of any grammatical or spelling errors, use standard academic English, and include photos.

This Art Museum Assignment must include the following FIVE distinct parts/sections:

1) Introduction: Set the stage — your introduction must answer the 5 W’s in any order: Who? Did you go alone or with friends or family; if not alone, did your group stay together or split to wander independently? What? Name of the museum you visited; what were your first impressions? When? Not just a date, but also the day of the week and time of day; was it crowded or empty, and were there special exhibits or events taking place? Where? Location and your reasons for choosing that location; how many times have you been there before? Why? To identify a favorite original work of art in person: title, artist, date, country of origin, and medium?

2) Descriptive Criticism, text page 44: Describe your observation of the form of the artwork in detail. What kind of work is it? Is it a painting (landscape, portrait, still life, etc.), sculpture, or photograph? Is it representational (realistic) or abstract? How is it organized? (in other words, talk about the structural details.) What do you literally see – types of lines, colors, textures, shapes, elements of composition, etc.? What important principles of art did the artist use?

3) Interpretive Criticism, text page 48: Discuss the content and message of the work of art. What is it about? What was the artist’s intention; what was the artist trying to say in the subject matter? What does it mean to you; what do you get out of it?

4) Evaluative Criticism, text page 51: Judge the merits of the work of art. What is its’ worth to humanity? Why is it in the museum; why should people see it; who would it appeal to, and why? Does it exemplify any or all of the three standards of evaluative criticism; why or why not? Be sure to address each of the three standards: perfection, insight, and inexhaustibility (text page 52.)

5) Conclusion: Share your personal reflections regarding the work of art and the overall museum experience. What (if anything) surprised you? What (if anything) disappointed you? What will you remember most? What did you get out of this experience?

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