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Listen to the NPR interview of Sheri Fink and read the transcript.
( I WILL SUPPLY)  Use the readings and resources to help craft an
outline for a four-paragraph article (keeping in mind that paragraphs
for journalistic writing are typically one to three sentences long)
about Fink. ( That does not mean ONE sentence is sufficient fo this assignment)

outline should establish the structure of an article, keeping in mind
organization, newsworthiness, credibility, and ethics. 

this post you will be creating an article outline based on readings and
resources. The outline should be in the traditional outline format:

need to include the subject of the story and why it is newsworthy. You
should include the key points from the documents that you would include
in the story, a nut graph (this summarizes the theme of your article)
and conclusion.

In your outline, be sure to include the following:

  • Brief summary of the interview’s subject and explanation of why it is newsworthy. When explaining why it is newsworthy, be sure to consider proximity, new information, and conflict.
  • Description of the key points and ideas discussed during the interview that would support the creation of an article.
  • A strong nut graph for the article. Keep in mind that a nut graph should summarize the tone and theme of your article.

MUST KNOW HOW to & what a nut graph and a collegiate outline ( Senior level) is otherwise do not bother.

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