ASCC Industrial War on Science Questionnaire

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1.  Characterize proponents of the Industrial War on Science. Explain who they are, their beliefs/motives/reasons for science opposition, and the methods they use to “oppose/deny” science.

2. Briefly explain two of the factors that allowed religious conservative partisanship to increase in American politics. Think back to the last section (Ch. 10) and this chapter.

3. a) How have scientists “permitted” the identity politics, ideological, and industry groups to gain the upper hand in the war on science? 

b) Based on what you have read over the past few weeks, what are some ways that we can address this problem?

4. a) Is democracy authoritarian or antiauthoritarian? Explain. 

b) Otto notes that “democracy is not truly democratic unless it is secular.” Explain his rationale. 

5. a) Explain the tragedy of the commons as it relates to individual freedom, shared responsibility, scientific regulation, and regulations. 

b) How should the above relate to economics, democracy, and government regulation? 

c) What is an externality? Who pays for these? 

d) How do insurance costs and availability relate to the tragedy of the commons as it pertains to science and government policy and regulation? 

6. In Chapter 12, Otto presents many strategies that could help win the “War on Science.” Briefly explain the five strategies that you feels will be the most effective.

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