Assignment 2 Marketing Strategy Practice

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For this second assignment of Business Profile final project, you need to develop a 3-5 page document (12 font, double-space) on the Marketing Strategy and practice of the firm/company you chose for your project. You can again use Yahoo! Finance or to conduct research. For a sample assignment, click on the “Assessments” drop down menu and click on “Dropbox” from the course menu and you should see the sample Assignment #2 attached.

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This assignment has essentially two components: Market Research and Marketing Strategy/Mix.

For Market Research, you will be doing research on the industry as a whole (rather than just on the firm you are covering), such as market growth and trends. Try “” for research on the particular industry or sector which your firm is part of. You need to address the following two areas:

Market Growth and Trends (10 pts): How quickly is the industry overall growing (or shrinking)? What are the trends in the industry (please focus on the industry as a whole rather than the individual firm you are covering)? How will they affect the industry as a whole (analyze both positive or negative effects)?

Key Competitors (10 pts): Who are the main competitors of the firm?

For Marketing Mix, you need to address the following 4Ps relevant to the firm you are writing about:

Product (10 pts)

Price (10 pts)

Placement (or distribution) (10 pts)

Promotion (10 pts)

For international market entry strategy, you need to address the following two areas:

Host country analysis (10 pts): Which country will you select as the host country for your firm to enter? Why? Please describe the firm-country fit.

Mode of entry (5 pts): Which mode of entry (i.e. licensing, franchising, strategic partnership, joint venture, wholly owned subsidiary, etc.) is most appropriate for entering the host country named above? Why?

Please use the following convention for file name: for example FPjlf2.rtf, where FP stands for final project, followed by the first letter of your first name and first 3 letters of your last name, where 2 represents the first project assignment, and .rtf as the file type for “rich text files”, regardless of the word processor you are using. Then upload the file here on the Canvas site for submission. Failure to follow naming convention will result in deduction of points in your grade.

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