Audience: Aspiring, inexperienced members of your professional discourse community (for example, current college students or entry-level potential employees) Purpose: To provide a clear and informativ

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Audience: Aspiring, inexperienced members of your professional discourse community (for example, currentcollege students or entry-level potential employees)Purpose: To provide a clear and informative overview of the writing conventions common to your DC, to beused as a reference by current and upcoming new membersGenre: Report/ReferenceLength: 2-3 pagesInstructions: Style guides establish a set of writing standards within an organization or an entire DC. A styleguide is usually not designed to instill rules about “correct” grammar; rather, its purpose is to promoteconsistency and provide guidance. Think of the Chicago Manual of Style, or the Publication Manual of theAmerican Psychological Association. They are reference works, in which a reader can find answers to theirquestions about formatting, tone, citations, and other common issues.For this assignment, your goal is to create a style guide for writers within your DC. Draw upon the rhetoricalanalysis work you did in the last assignment, as well as any previous knowledge of the conventions andexpectations of the field.Because this is a reference work, think carefully about the organization and layout. You’ll probably want to useheadings; you’ll probably want to group the information thematically; above all, you should be thinking aboutdesigning a useful and reader-friendly document.Additional resources for this assignment:Federal Plain Language Guidelines”Creating a Copywriting Style Guide”UB’s Web Style GuideMailChimp Style GuideWriting Spaces Web Writing Style Guide

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