Audience – Discourse CommunitiesInstructions: Please complete the following steps for your discussion post and response. Now that you are working of revising and polishing your rough draft, return to

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Audience – Discourse CommunitiesInstructions:

Please complete the following steps for your discussion post and response.

Now that you are working of revising and polishing your rough draft, return to the idea of a discourse community.

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Share the following information in your post

  • Topic
  • Thesis Statement
  • Identify three discourse communities that would be the audience for your research paper.
  • In your research, you are suggesting a change to an existing situation or providing a solution.
  • What are you proposing to change or solve?
  • Where could you go to get feedback on the proposed change or solution?

Audience – Discourse CommunitiesInstructions: Please complete the following steps for your discussion post and response. Now that you are working of revising and polishing your rough draft, return to
Title Government and Non –Government they must invest in healthcare sector by employing qualified medical professional in hospitals and equipping hospital with advanced equipment in terms of technology to promote healthy living in the country. Abstract The paper will start with definition of healthcare in the introduction part, statement of the problem, definition of various terms that will be used in the paper and the significance of the study. The paper body study will mostly focus on role of government and non –government organization in healthcare in terms of sourcing funds to improve the health of many people. The paper will also address the issue of accountability of money in the healthcare to ensure that money funded by the government and non –government organization do the right things and not embezzled by the people given the mandate to manage the money .finally the paper will discuss the issues of technology in the healthcare and challenges faced by healthcare . Introduction Statement of the problem This paper seek to address role of government and non –government organization in healthcare sector. First I will start with definition of terms Definition of terms Health care is state where human body is free from sicknesses and illness .This promote a healthy nation .However for one to be healthy it requires body screening and right treatment in case of illnesses. Government organization –these are State Corporation that receives funding from government to carry out their daily functions. NGOS-these are private owned organization that carry out different humanitarian activities .They mostly get their funding from donors to support their activities. Funds –money or capital for funding various activities C) Significance of the statement The paper will assist people to know the role played by government and NGOS to ensure that the nation is living healthy and ways of sourcing funds to support the healthcare initiative. II. Background of the paper Role of government in healthcare The paper will address the role of government in the healthcare .I t is the duty of the government to ensure it citizen are well protected from diseases and live healthy life to reduce the cases of mortality rate (DeBakey, M. E. ,2006). It is the mandate of the government to deliver quality healthcare to it citizen at all time. But government alone cannot deliver and it requires partnership with non government organization to deliver quality health care. Government t receive huge boost from taxes it collect to fund taxes. Government plays the following role in healthcare sector: Ensure that all citizen have an access to medical services Provide free medical check up Funding healthcare Providing insurance cover to it citizen Establishing healthcare Creating awareness of importance of healthcare The government ensures enough resources are allocated in healthcare sector to ensure quality service delivery in the health sector. Research in health sector is always strengthened to ensure quality treatment in health sector, since things keep on changing due to advancement of technology (Straube, B. M. ,2013). Role of non –government organization in healthcare NGOs are always in the frontline to fight diseases. They always fund many health care institutions to fight variety of diseases to reduce cases of suffering and death among many people. The following are roles played by non –government organization in healthcare: Conduct healthcare research To reduces cases of suffering To advocate for the interest of the poor To provide social services to the people in the society To keep the environment clean To funds hospital To create awareness about healthy living. III .Funding of healthcare This part will focus on sources of funds from government and non government organization to fund the healthcare sector. Sources of funds from government organization Taxation Loans Bonds Fines and fees from court outsourcing The following funds from various source help government to allocate certain amount of money to healthcare sector that help them to fight diseases and reduce cases of mortality in the country. Sources of funds for non –government organization Fundraising Donors Government Rewards Well wishers Accountability of healthcare funds The government and non government organization always request accountability for the money they fund in healthcare. This highly motivates various stakeholders to fund healthcare if money is well utilized (Stefko, R., Jencova, S., Litavcova, E., & Vasanicova, P., 2017). Ways of promoting accountability in healthcare Employing qualified personnel in accounting sector Auditing to be carried out every financial year Legal action against embezzlement of funds Striving for quality not quantity in healthcare Proper training for all healthcare workers IV .Importance of a well equipped healthcare Healthcare requires well equipped healthcare facilities and equipment to ensure quality treatment and delivery of services in the healthcare .They should be up to date in terms of technology for easy treatment and acceptability. The following are some of the importance of a well equipped healthcare: Easy diagnosis of disease Easy treatment Quality service delivery Cost reduction Patient satisfaction Reduces congestion in hospital Challenges faced by the healthcare Lack of sufficient funds Few medical personnel Strict government laws Complicated illness Poor management Technological challenges Embezzlement of funds Ways of solving challenges faced by healthcare Increase funding Encourage accountability More training Employ more staff Summary The research has clearly analyzed all the role of government and non -government organization in healthcare sector. The paper has also clearly analyzed the source of funds for the government and non -government organization .Finally it has focused on the challenges that healthcare encounter and solutions. Conclusion Government should always give priority to health sector for a healthy nation .A healthy nation is always productive nation in terms of development. Recommendations All healthcare stakeholders to ensure enough funds are available for funding healthcare activities and this will promote quality healthcare services. References DeBakey, M. E. (2006). The role of government in health care: a societal issue. Stefko, R., Jencova, S., Litavcova, E., & Vasanicova, P. (2017). Management and funding of the healthcare system. Polish Journal of Management Studies, 16. Straube, B. M. (2013). A role for government: an observation on federal healthcare efforts in prevention. American journal of preventive medicine, 44(1), S39-S42.

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