below is what teacher have commented. (FAULTY SYNTAX:

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help fix my short paper based on what teacher commented , make it coherent, no grammar error or wrong word or missing word.below is what teacher have commented.

(FAULTY SYNTAX:means sentence does not make sense.

Frag :means sentence needs a subject, a verb, and it must make sense.

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WW: means wrong word.

MW:means missing word.

FS:fused sentence of Run-on sentence.i need something between two wentence.)

Beside, make whole paper organized, you could add something to make paper better.Because i’m not english speaker. try as far as you can! Thanks! I typed it again based on original to make sure you can read.

When it comes to my dream job that can brings me joy and pride. It reminds me think of I have so many dreams that might not be able to come true in my future, but I’m still willing to dream of it. I wanted to be a nurse. You might think it is so regular. How can it be called a dream job? But I think being a nurse is so pride, even though I could face a variety of diseases or even death. But when I think of those people who suffer from pain turn out be healthy again. I would feel this is absolutely a sacred moment.

My mom was actually a nurse when she was young. I heard a lot about what she did as a nurse. She said it needs to have enough patience and highly responsibility, or I’m not worthy of being a nurse. I think she’s right. I don’t have much patience which is why being a nurse seems challenging . But I might satisfy another requirement she said, which is responsibility.

I live being a nurse because I love what it gives me. It makes me think I can be a part of power to some people’s life. By doing my best, I can make people happy andregain confidence of life, which is truly brings me joy and pride

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