Benefits of Bipedalism Discussion Question

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Discussion Question 1: How would you classify the following described organism that was recently discovered? It has 1. nubs of bony hair like structures 2. very dense bones 3. no teeth, but sharp ridges in the oral cavity 4. webbed feet 5. a short broad flat tail of skin 6. no vocal cords to vocalize with and is a hermaphrodite.

Discussion Question 2: Scientists understand through current information that humans (homo sapeins) originated in Africa. So does, should, could this information enter into a disucssion about race and discrimination?

Discussion Question 3: There are many misconceptions about the diversity of animals. Think about the following statements and then respond. As a child I was told that if you cut an earthworm in half and put he/she back in the garden you would have two complete worms because they would regrow (regenerate). Why would it be worse to be infected with a single hermaphroditic like a tapeworm (platyhelminthes) rather than a single female worm like an ascaris nematode)? How can humans easily avoid becoming infected with all types of worms?

Discussion Question 4: This is a FUN LINK to see the genetic diversity change in dogs over time. How have humans impacted the evolution of organisms?

Discussion Question 5: What is the benefit of a specific evolutionary trait as related to humans? You choose the trait. How are we different from our ancestors? Why does it seem like there been so many discoveries of pre-human remains found lately?

Discussion Question 6: Choose one animal and discuss the variety found in that species. For instance horses: Arabian horses have larger nostrils, Morgan horses are large boned and heavy bodied, and birds may be large or small, they may be colorful or not, they may sing to protect territory, they may build nests on the ground or above ground………..why are these structures or behaviors present?

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