BIO 102 Colorado State University Global Campus Cellular Respiration Discussion

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As you know by now, cellular respiration is essential for many organisms including plants, animals, and many single-celled organisms. 

What happens when a molecule interrupts cellular respiration? How might it do so? 


1. Answer the following questions in a few paragraphs. 

What is the basic purpose of cellular respiration? What are the reactants and products of cellular respiration overall? Also, give a basic description of the three main stages of cellular respiration (glycolysis, Kreb cycle, and the electron transport chain) Your next paragraph will focus on your assigned inhibitor. You should find one to two reliable sources that discuss how your assigned inhibitor (Fluoroacetate) works. Focus on the enzyme inhibited by your assigned inhibitor, and the part of cellular respiration that would be affected. What effect would the presence of your assigned inhibitor have on ATP production? What effect would the presence of your inhibitor have on Rubrics Discussion Rubric the amount of NAD+, NADH, pyruvate, and oxygen present in the cell? If cellular respiration is blocked, can cells switch to a backup method for making ATP?

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