Business Communications Powerpoint

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For this assignment, you will create a professional-looking PowerPoint presentation on a topic of professional communication. To help put this in perspective, the scenario is that your supervisor has assigned you the task of presenting a 45 to 60-minute training session on some aspect of professional communication. You need to research your topic and prepare an engaging PowerPoint that would be used to guide your presentation.

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Topic Ideas

The course textbook will be a great resource when looking for a topic that relates to some aspect of professional communication. Some examples of topics include (but are not limited to):

  • How to be an Effective Verbal and Nonverbal Communicator;
  • How to Give an Effective Presentation;
  • Effective Communication Within Teams;
  • Overcoming Communication Barriers

It is recommended that you pick a topic of interest and then do some research to make sure you can find 5 credible sources. Once you are certain you can locate five credible sources, begin creating your PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint Requirements:

I. Title Slide

  • This will be the first slide of your PowerPoint (and is not considered a content slide).
  • This slide will include the following: title of your presentation; your full name; class name and section number; & your institution (Liberty University).

II. Content Slides

  • A minimum of 15 content slides must be included.
  • All content slides should contain speaker notes (which should be included in the “Click to add notes” section under each slide). Remember, a PowerPoint is meant to be an engaging visual aid that helps guide the presenter and the audience; it is not meant to be the presentation. Therefore, speaker notes served to expand up and offer further clarification regarding all the points on a slide.

III. Reference Slide

  • This slide will be the last slide(s) of your PowerPoint (and is not considered a content slide).
  • This slide will contain all used sources.
  • Sources must be formatted according to current APA formatting guidelines.

A minimum of 5 credible sources must be used within your presentation.

  • Must be created in Microsoft PowerPoint and uploaded through the assignment link as a .ppt or .pptx file.
  • Appropriate and relevant images should be used.
  • Individual slides and the overall design of your presentation must be professional and engaging.
  • A running header or page #s are not required.
  • An abstract is not required.
  • A PowerPoint is meant to be an engaging visual aid that enhances and guides a presenter in a presentation; it is not meant to be the presentation.
  • Look over the grading rubric for this assignment before you begin creating your PowerPoint.

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