business continuity and disaster recovery​ ​ Scenario Paper Responses

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i Need 2 response papers for two paper attachements with APA format and should follow Bellow instructions

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Attached two papers need two separate responses on them

business continuity and disaster recovery

Scenario Paper Responses

Responses should highlight points about his or her submission that you agreed and disagreed with. Bring new knowledge or points to the topic. Do not restate every fact that was written in the author’s submission. Remember these are not opinion pieces. You must support your ideas and positions with facts when stating why you agree or disagree with a point. Disagreement with another’s position is a healthy part of the discussion. However, you should not degrade or demean your peers. This is unacceptable.

All students are required to read and respond to at least one peer’s scenario submission. Unless otherwise noted, your response must:

  1. Be at least 300 words
    1. The purpose of the responses is to ask questions, gain clarity, share experiences, or give additional insight and perspective. Just stating, “I agree” “Good job” or “I liked your paper” is not a substantial or acceptable response.
  2. APA format
    1. Your response should not be formatted as a letter or any other type of informal correspondence. It should not start with greetings, e.g., Dear Fred, Hi Steve, or Hello class. Similarly, it should not end with an informal statement, e.g., Thanks, Jason, Sincerely Lisa, or any other type of casual closing statement. Your submission should merely end with your reference list
    2. Because these submissions are short in length, it should not consist primarily of bullet-points. Use fully developed sentences and paragraphs to articulate your thoughts.
  3. Include a reference list.
    1. You must use at least 2 scholarly references no older than 2005, and have in-text citations.
    2. Responses that do not contain scholarly or reputable sources are not scholarly submissions.
  4. Be written in a clear and concise manner
    1. Proofread your work to ensure that it is free of grammatical, contextual, and spelling errors.

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