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Part one

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Do the part that is in bold that say Renata Redden for this part because this is a group assignment

Scenario: Using the same organization and the lemonade drink from the Week 4 Learning Team assignment, develop an analysis for the bank. The bank will be using this information to make their final decision on how, and if, to fund your company’s new and unique lemonade. Through your research, you have found that the bank you will be presenting to is favorable of socially-conscience companies that support local charitable endeavors.

Develop a minimum 350- to 525-word analysis that include the following:

  • Select four of the following methods and explain how they should be used by your company to align best with your target segment and product definition:
    • Advertising
    • Public relations
    • Traditional Digital marketing
    • New Digital marketing techniques (describe)
    • Direct marketing
    • Event marketing
    • Outdoor Advertising
  • Select two of the following forms of sales promotion to promote your product and explain the reasoning for each of your choices:
    • Coupons
    • Deals
    • Premiums
    • Contests
    • Sweepstakes
    • Contests
    • Samples
    • Loyalty Programs
    • Point-of-purchase displays
    • Rebates
  • Discuss ways you can demonstrate to the bank that this company is a socially-conscience organization and will be involved with local social endeavors. Fedra
  • Discuss how your company could expand into the global market. Renata Redden
  • Examine promotional methods that could be used to market your lemonade globally. Nyshauna Collins

Part 2

This whole part need completed

The purpose of the Reflection Matrix assignment is to comprehend, apply, and synthesize key vocabulary terms and concepts relevant for entrepreneurs. The intent of the assignment is to challenge the student to locate reliable information and apply that knowledge in a practical manner to a business venture that interests the student, and to make relevant connections to course objectives.

Your matrix will have three sections. You can write them in paragraph form or create a table in Word:


2.Article synopses (2)

3.Application and synthesis statement

In the first section, briefly define the following terms: debt, equity, convertible debt, preferred equity, term sheet, private placement memorandum, target market, and market segment.

For the second section, you will need to access the GCU Library and locate two articles from current, reputable business periodicals (e.g., Barron’s, Inc., Forbes, etc.). The articles need to somehow relate to the vocabulary terms and the entrepreneurial process. Write a synopsis paragraph that summarizes the main points of each article. Conclude each synopsis with an appropriate reference note.

For the final section, write an application and synthesis statement (300-400 words) that connects the vocabulary concepts and the article content to an entrepreneurial venture that interests you.

While APA formatting is not required for this assignment, solid academic writing is expected.

Part 3

I only need 70 words and a reference for this part

Choose three potential opportunities you see for entrepreneurial ventures in the next 10 years. What skills and knowledge would you need to pursue these opportunities? What type of personal characteristics would be needed to pursue these opportunities? (Answer this question in essay format, using correct spelling and grammar. Your answer should be at least 70 words.)

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