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Facts: Jenny helped 87-year-old Norman care for his wife and aunt for several years before they died. Norman then asked jenny that is she would “take care of him for the rest of his life” that Norman would give her his house. jenny agreed. Norman then conveyed his house to jenny for “fifty and no/100 dollars ($50), and other good and valuable consideration,” which he wrote on the deed. Norman also executed a power of attorney which would allow jenny to assist Norman with handling his financial affairs. Norman then left on a trip to visit his brother. when Norman returned from his trip, he learned that jenny had locked him out of the house. Norman filed a lawsuit against jenny. normal claimed that he had deeded the house to jenny in exchange for her promise to care for him for the rest of his life. Norman also claimed that Jenney never paid him the $50. jenny admitted she did not pay the $50, but claimed she made no such promise to Norman and that Norman had given her the house as a gift. jenny also claimed that Norman did not take a trip, he intended to move out.

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1. What causes of action should Norman pursue against jenny?

2. identify at least two issues that the courts should decide (issues should be in the form of questions)

3. identify the applicable laws relevant to the two issues you select.

4. fully discuss and analyze each of the issues by applying the above facts to the law you have identified.

5. argue and counter-argue facts/ contentions for each of the parties.

6. come to a conclusion for each of the two issues you identify

7. in your conclusion, discuss how the court should rule and why the court ruled in favor of the prevailing party.

8. discuss what remedies the prevailing party should receive based on your conclusion

9. include at least two cases as precedent to support your analysis and conclusion

10. format: MLA format with an introduction paragraph, a conclusion paragraph and separate reference page. 4-5 pages.


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