BUSN 470 power point

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All work you submit for this class should be written in clear prose, meaning that your comments should be comprised in complete, lucid sentences using proper syntax, spelling, and grammar. If you do not take your work seriously, then neither will others. All facts, numbers, statistics, etc. must be cited, as well as any idea that did not originate with you. Using the work of other writers without proper attribution is considered plagiarism, and will result in disciplinary action.

Instructions: This project requires you to apply the concepts and methods learned so far in the course.

Compose a power point in accordance with APA standards and cite a minimum of three scholarly peer reviewed sources and three (3) entire scripture verses.

The submission should follow the below stated composition and formatting guidelines; and be composed unto a “Power Point Presentation.”

  • Introductory Slide should include: Title.
  • Provide a short introduction stating your position.
  • Support your position.
  • When all is done, give a brief conclusion.
  • Upon citing works, add a separate reference slide.


In 1951, Robert Peterson launched a chain of drive-through restaurants located primarily in California, Texas, and Arizona. From the beginning, Jack-in-the-Box restaurants featured a clown named Jack who greeted motorists ordering through a two-way speaker device encased inside Jack’s head. Business operations have been conducted under various names and public, private, and subsidiary affiliations, including Foodmaker, Ralston Purina, and currently (public) Jack in the Box, Inc.

Jack in the Box is known as a fast-food innovator, introducing the first breakfast sandwich and prepackaged portable salad. Whereas other fast-food restaurants are often hesitant to make major product line changes, Jack in the Box continuously modifies its offerings to provide customers with an ever-changing array of food items.

In response to a well-publicized E. coli food-poisoning incident in 1993, Jack in the Box implemented the industry’s first comprehensive Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) system for managing food safety and quality the following year. Jack in the Box continues to support tougher legislation to mandate food-safety systems throughout the fast-food industry and actively partners with national consumer organizations to educate the public about the best techniques families can use to protect themselves against home-based food poisoning.

In the mid-2000s, Jack in the Box began to emphasize pricier, more upscale items on its menu. The firm hopes to succeed with such higher-margin products as deli sandwiches while retaining its traditional customer base.

The 1993 E. coli incident was revived in 2015 when Chipotle temporarily closed forty stores after a series of illnesses linked to E. coli bacteria. Ironically, Jack in the Box might have benefited from this crisis because its Qdoba Mexican Grill fast-casual restaurants compete directly with Chipotle.

Jack in the Box currently operates and franchises more than 2,200 restaurants in the western and southern United States, most of which are company-owned, as well as about 650 Qdoba outlets. Jack-in-the-Box restaurants target the adult market with a broad and changing selection of distinctive, innovative products, including hamburgers, specialty sandwiches, tacos and other ethnic products, finger foods, breakfast foods, unique side items, and dessert items.

Suggested Sources

FINAL PROJECT CASE TASKS/QUESTIONS (15 % of total course grade)

  • What are the current production and purchasing (functional) strategies?
  • What are the current strategies in other functional areas, such as HR and IS?
  • What strengths exist for the organization?
  • What weaknesses exist for the organization?
  • What opportunities exist for the organization?
  • What threats exist for the organization?

CASE CHALLENGE/DELIVERABLE (8 % of total course grade):

Jack in the Box owns a higher percentage of its stores than do most of its fast-food rivals. Should the chain continue this approach, or does franchising offer greater prospects for growth?

Need 6 power point slides with notes at the bottom in the notes section to explain each slide as I was presenting it and a 7th slide with at least 3 scholary references. I do need the slides with no animations or color, just the information. Thank you.


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