Can Someone complete Claim of Value Essay

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see attachment for instructions

toumlin handout need to completed with essay…see attachment

Topic- Sex Education in Schools: Should be halted or Increased?

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Topic Idea Description- Sex education should be increased in schools

Position I will defend- sex education will educate students who are active and students are not active

Target audience- students, parents, teachers, administration

When researching please find a few more benefits of sex education in schools to persuade the audience more effectively

Can Someone complete Claim of Value Essay
3 Introduction—By now, you have a greater knowledge of rhetorical strategy, understand the difference between analysis and summary and know the writing and research conventions of your discipline. Your next essay is the Claim of Values (CoV) essay. It requires you to develop a well-supported argument for a topic about which you currently hold a values-based opinion. Controversial topics usually involve subjective assumptions, i.e. beliefs and values rather than hard-proven fact. “Real life” rhetoric/persuasion is rarely a matter of absolutes and more regularly deals in probabilities and generalizations based on inductive processes. A simplified definition for the inductive process would be to draw general conclusions based on specific data or facts. Philosopher, Stephen Toulmin in The Uses of Argument (1969) provides a model for arguments based on accepted generalizations. By following the Toulmin model for your CoV essay, you will create a qualified, well-supported argument. At its most basic level, the Toulmin model contains three elements: data, claim, and warrant. Data or facts are the evidence that leads to your claim. The Claim is the conclusion of your argument and the point your argument is trying to make. Warrants provide the link between the data and the claim. They are the assumptions, beliefs, and connections that allow you to make conclusion/claims from the facts/data. For example, a simple thesis statement using the Toulmin model might be: Because that mushroom is poisonous [data], you should not eat it [claim]. Since it is bad to eat poisonous things [warrant]. A more complex thesis for an advanced essay might be: Millions of people cannot afford health care [data], and state and local governments cannot afford to cover the cost of guaranteed health care [data]. Therefore, the United States should adopt a national program of health care [primary claim] because national governments are instrumental and necessary for dealing with major societal problems [warrant]. The essay would then go on to develop the primary claim by using academic research to give specific data points, explaining how the data proves the claim, and clearly identifying the specific warrants and the social/ethical values at stake in the debate. Assignment Objectives Understand the difference between analysis and argument. Apply critical thinking strategies to examine ethical, values-based assumptions. Identify and use researched, peer-reviewed data to support a clear argument. Learn how to use library databases for scholarly research. Learn how to incorporate sources (I.C.E.) properly and seamlessly within your paragraphs. Understand how to recognize and avoid logical fallacies. Realize the importance of giving fair treatment to opponent arguments.  Continue to work on formulating effective thesis statements, topic sentences and body paragraphs (MEAL).  Writing Skills Evaluated—Listed below are the writings skills that I expect you to demonstrate on this essay. Lessons, videos and handouts for each skill are in the Blackboard “Lessons & Handouts” folder. Improving upon and continuing to use all skills from the Advertising Essay in Module 1 Composing advanced introductions & conclusions Incorporating research sources properly using the ICE formula Avoiding and recognizing logical fallacies Using the Toulmin Model as a pre-writing tool for planning an inductive argument NOTE—The Toulmin model is a pre-writing tool. You will turn in a completed Toulmin model worksheet as an informal outline on a separate due date prior to turning in your final CoV Essay. Assignment Instructions—Compose a formal essay of at least six pages (double-spaced, Time New Roman, 12-point font, 1” margins). You must compose an argumentative essay on a current topic of debate in your field or personal area of interest. The topic must be one based on differences of opinions and values. Because of the inherent challenge of this assignment, I must approve your topic before you begin your essay. After approval, you will need to include the following in your essay. Summarize the main points of debate surrounding your discussion topic. Concede to a view held by your opposing audience (optional). A concession is when you concede a point to your opponents without attempting to refute it. A concession early in your values claim will not dilute your position but can help you achieve greater credibility. The use of rebuttal is required for this assignment. Fairly address and rebut at least one major view held by your opponents. In other words, your stance brings to mind an opposing point, and you respond to this opposition directly as you refute it and defend your own view. Even though this essay allows you to express your opinion, you are required to write in third person only. 1st or 2nd person constructions (I, we, me, our, us, or you) will result in points off. Incorporate at least one quote from the Module 3: Claim of Values readings. This essay is research-based, so you must support your assertions with credible research on the topic. A minimum of three scholarly, peer-reviewed sources are required. Turn in a completed copy of the Toulmin Model handout. You must take a clear, firm stand on your position and attempt to prove the logical “rightness” of that position. No sitting on the fence. Choose a side and defend it. You should use the documentation style (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) in accordance with your professional field. Sample topics based on previous Claim of Values essays: Americans should eat less processed foods. The U.S. should/should not have a national healthcare plan. No Child Left Behind should be replaced by a more comprehensive assessment program. Homosexual couples should/should not have the same right to marry as heterosexual couples. The United States military should reinstate the military draft. Technology should have a greater role in the classroom. There should be fewer copyright and piracy legislations. Note: These are only topics or sample claims. To build an argument, they still need data (research to prove the claim) and warrants (identify values and assumptions about society that are at stake). Good luck and e-mail if you have questions! -DD
Can Someone complete Claim of Value Essay
Toulmin’s Model of Argument How to use this worksheet: Knowing the elemental structure of your argument is an essential step toward producing an effective argument. The Toulmin model is an effective tool to help you outline the essential elements of your Claim of Values argument essay. First, decide on a topic and have it approved before beginning your research. After your topic is approved and your research complete, you should be able to identify the specific parts of your argument: the claims, data, and warrants (along with any qualifiers, rebuttals, or backing). You will use this worksheet to plan your essay. You must turn this handout with your essay. Topic: (Record your teacher-approved topic here)__________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ List the primary claim made in your Claim of Values argument (i.e. your thesis statement). __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ List the data/evidence you will used to support your claim.___________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Identify your warrant(s). (What are the assumptions that connect the data to your claim? What assumed values must your readers have in order to agree that the evidence you provide is acceptable for defending the claims you make?) These warrants may be implicit (implied) or explicit (clearly stated) in your essay, but you need to know what they are. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Record any backing (i.e. evidence that proves your assumptions/warrants)______________ _Skip this section. Backing is hard to explain online. _______________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ List any qualifiers (i.e. ways in which your claim does not apply to everyone or has exceptions)__________­__________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ List your intended rebuttal(s) of your opponents’ position(s)._____________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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