Can the idea of peace only come to fruition if not for war?, assignment help

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1.Although Hobbs and Gandhi have opposite philosophical views that to them are absolute, I am sure they would agree that the human condition is shaped from ones environment. That being said Gandhi views, though hopeful and optimistic, are not how the world functions. Gandhi‘s view comes more from a hypothetical standpoint where the world is free of war and locked in a positive state of mind. Gandhi believes that people are naturally peaceful but create the conditions for war by believing the self-perpetuation myth that war is inevitable. If we are creating the conditions for war believing it is inevitable then how are we naturally peaceful? Can the idea of peace only come to fruition if not for war?

Hobbs has a more valid position than that of Gandhi’s. For the most part, power has been the fuel for the human way. Hobbs seems to stem his beliefs from history. The Mongol conquests, the Pharaohs of Egypt, or Pope Sixtus IV all derive from Hobbs definition of human nature.  Overall, the validity of Hobbs’s view is more accurate because of its general factuality.

2. Which of these positions do you think is more valid? Explain why.  What examples from history, current events, psychology, or philosophy might support your opinion?My first instinct is to agree with Thomas Hobbes because I feel humans need to always be prepared for war because war is an inevitable aspect of the human condition.  Hobbes point is valid for many reasons first starting with a historical viewpoint.  Humanity and civilizations were built on war and having a leader to keep the community in order.  In countries most notably England, the sovereignty fought continuously to attain land.  Current events (i.e. ISIS attacks) keep the USA and other countries on high alert always being prepared and having a “plan” because attacks in today’s culture are a surprise.  Yes as Gandhi states humans are naturally peaceful but those are the humans that hold peaceful protests and take a secondary role to people who stand up and fight for their beliefs. 

3. Explain what you know about the basic tenets of Islam, based on your reading in this module.

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