Carolyn was thrilled when she found out her new employer offers two ________ vacation time. week’s b. weeks c.

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Need help with English GED155 all questions 25 each please, see attached

1.      Carolyn was thrilled when she found out her new employer offers two ________ vacation time. a. week’s

b.      weeks

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c.       weeks’

d.      week

2.      I agree with Mr. ________ plan for improving our ________ morale.

a.       Johnson/staff

b.      Johnsons’/staffs

c.       Johnsons/staffs

d.      Johnson’s/staff’s

3.      The publisher’s sales representatives listened to six ________ speeches. a. editors

b.      editor’s

c.       editors’

d.      editor

4.      We agreed that new ________ should be installed in Mr. ________ office.                           a. desks/Lopezes

b.      desk’s/Lopez’

c.       desks’/Lopez’

d.      desks/Lopez’s

5.      The lives of many generations of ________ must have been made grim and tedious by the ________ obsessive preoccupation with immortality.

a.       Egyptians/pharaoh’s

b.      Egyptian’s/pharaohs

c.       Egyptians’/pharaoh’s

d.      Egyptian’s/pharaohs’

6.      Mr. ________ profit-and-loss report is due tomorrow.

a.       Jones’

b.      Jones’s

c.       Joneses’

d.      Jones

7.      The ________ ________ did not receive a raise this year because of the state budget cuts. a. colleges teachers

b.      college’s teachers’

c.       colleges’ teacher’s

d.      college’s teachers

8.      When a pronoun receives the action of the verb, use the ________ pronoun.

a.       subjective

b.      objective

c.       reflexive

d.      possessive

9.      Which of the following is a correct possessive pronoun?

a.       mines

b.      your’s

c.       it’s

d.      his

10.   Choose the correct sentence.

a.       Him and I went through a lot together.

b.      My boss asked my coworker and I to stay late.

c.       Jennifer stormed out of the house and slammed the door because she and her mother got into an argument.

d.      Who should I send this email to?

11.   Choose the correct sentence.

a.       Send an email to Craig and me when you finish the project.

b.      Send an email to Craig and I when you finish the project.

c.       Us girls were disappointed with our performance at last night’s basketball game.

d.      Between you and I, this course is more challenging than I thought it would be.

Choose the correct pronoun.

12.   We thought it was ________ ________ should go.                                                                  a. him/who

b.      he/who

c.       he/whom

d.      him/whom

13.   The owners ________ are actually going to renovate the property.

a.       theirself

b.      themselves

c.       theirselves

d.      themselfs

Choose the correct pronoun to fit the context of the sentence.

14.   The teenagers in the neighborhood had stockpiles of fireworks. Unfortunately, not everyone cares for ________ safety.

a.       her

b.      his or her

c.       his

d.      there

15.   The Boy Scout leader announced a camping trip after everyone earns ________ merit badge. a. his

b.      his or her

c.       their

d.      there

16.   ________ from your office left ________ keys at the reception desk.                                        a. Some one, their

b.      Some one, his or her

c.       Someone, their

d.      Some one, his

e.      Someone, his or her

17.   Which sentence is correct?

a.       The jury announced its verdict.

b.      The jury announced it’s verdict.

c.       The jury announced its’ verdict.

d.      The jury announced their verdict.

e.      The jury announced there verdict.

18.   Which sentence is incorrect?

a.       AVCO wants its bills paid promptly.

b.      Aerojet Corporation has its offices here.

c.       The IRS revised its forms again.

d.      None of the above.

19.   Which sentence is preferable?

a.       Everyone has a right to his or her opinion.

b.      Everyone has a right to an opinion.

c.       Everyone has a right to their opinion.

d.      Everyone has a right to his opinion.

20.   Identify the sentence that is correctly written in the simple present tense.

a.       Arlene teaches English at Plantation High School.

b.      Arlene is teaching a class right now.

c.       Arlene has been teaching English at Plantation High School for the past ten years.

d.      Arlene teach English at Plantation High School.

21.   Identify the sentence that uses the present perfect progressive tense correctly.

a.       Charlene is feeling sick today.

b.      Charlene was sick.

c.       Charlene has been feeling sick lately.

d.      Charlene feels sick.

22.   Identify the sentence that uses the past perfect tense correctly.

a.       Cheryl never seen an alligator before she moved to Florida.

b.      Cheryl has never seen an alligator before she moved to Florida.

c.       Cheryl had never saw an alligator before she moved to Florida.

d.      Cheryl had never seen an alligator before she moved to Florida.

23.   Identify the sentence that uses the past perfect tense correctly.

a.       My mother has cooked dinner before I got home.

b.      My mother had cooked dinner before I had gotten home.

c.       My mother had cooked dinner by the time I got home.

d.      My mother cooks dinner when I get home.

Choose the correct verb to fit the context of the sentence.

24.   I ________ a map with me because the GPS in my car has been acting up.

a.       brung

b.      bringed

c.       brought

d.      brang

25.   My brother must have had the angels watching over him yesterday. As he ________ from branch to branch like a monkey in a tree, he ________ thirty feet and all he got was a scratched toe.

a.       swang/had fallen

b.      swung/fallen

c.       is swinging/falls

d.      was swinging/fell

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