Central Washington University Week 7 Cybercrime Discussion

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The senior leadership of your  organization is preparing for its annual three day meeting. During these  meetings, one day is devoted to current events / issues which the  company finds itself needing to address. For this year’s meeting, you  have been asked to give a presentation on Cybercrime as a strategic  threat to the organization.

To prepare for your presentation, you  should find a recent news report or law enforcement press release about a  specific instance of a cybercrime which impacted the financial services  industry (or customers). Analyze the report / press release and then  write a background paper containing your analysis and findings.

In  your background paper, include a summary of the report or press release  that addresses the crime, the perpetrator, motive (if known), methods,  the victim(s), the object of the crime (systems, data, networks, etc.),  and the outcome of the investigation / prosecution. (Who did what to  whom? What happened?)

Should the company take actions or develop  strategies to protect itself from similar crimes? What are your  recommendations in this regard?


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