CHEM 093 RU The Flavonoid Present in Squalene Is Isoflavones Discussion

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Terpenes are a broad compound class that provide flavors and fragrances to many natural products.

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Primary Post (10 points): Select a terpene from one of the lists discussed in Module 6. MAKE SURE IT IS NOT THE SAME TERPENE THAT SOMEONE ELSE HAS POSTED ALREADY! Find a different (i.e. not cannabis or hemp) natural product that contains this terpene. What methods have been developed to analyze this terpene in this sample? What sample preparation and instrument techniques are required for the analysis of this specific sample? Cite your relevant sources (journal articles, application notes, etc.).

Response Post (5 points): What are the primary flavonoids found in the natural product sample described in the primary post? Have any methods been reported for the analysis of these flavonoids in this type of sample?

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