CJ 790 5-2 Milestone Three Overview: This milestone represents how criminal justice professionals communicate the conclus

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CJ 790

5-2 Milestone Three


This milestone represents how criminal justice professionals communicate the conclusions they have formed based on the research they have conducted. This is an important phase in the process because using effective communication strategies will give your message authenticity: Your decisions are only as strong as your ability to communicate them. Criminal Justice Professionals often employ multiple methods of communication, including visual aids, to reduce the chance of confusing their audience.

Your capstone will be graded with the holistic rubric included below. The rubric will be used to grade all components of your capstone project together and create one grade. In this capstone project, you are working toward proficiency in the program outcomes. The “Possible Indicators of Success” are some ways you can demonstrate that you have met the program outcomes. The milestones in this course are drafts of different sections of your capstone project, and you can work on them to receive feedback on how you are progressing toward meeting the outcomes. Your milestone submissions address different critical elements, but your final submission of all three components will show your proficiency in the same program outcomes.

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Prompt: You will submit the proposal, which should include the elements below. These elements will demonstrate your progress toward meeting the course outcomes.

IV. Proposal:

Propose a detailed solution to the criminal justice issue in your selected city, explaining how this solution meets the needs of the community and how it will impact your organization, including the following:


An explanation of each step of your plan and how you came to your decision


The overall goals of the proposal, including short term objectives and desired long term outcomes


The resources required for implementation, including staffing


The potential challenges for implementation


The expected effects on the culture of the organization  For this milestone, you will also submit a draft of Component 2 of your capstone project.

Component 2: Presentation to Internal Stakeholders

The second of three capstone components, this professional presentation uses the information from your problem analysis to demonstrate your communication skills and your ability to disseminate information about your proposal. This visual presentation should be clear and concise and should present the logical reasoning behind your proposal. Envision yourself giving this presentation to internal stakeholders in your organization as you seek their support. Since you will not actually deliver this presentation in person, you must create a presentation with speaker notes or audio included.

In addition to a compilation of key aspects from your research into the criminal justice issue you identified, your presentation should also include:


How your proposal supports the organization’s mission


. What strategy you will use to communicate the proposal to external stakeholders in your selected city, including members of the community


Where you estimate the organization and surrounding community will be 5 to 10 years after proposal has been implemented

There is no minimum or maximum number of slides required. You should use your best judgment to create a presentation of appropriate length that will convey the relevant details of your proposal while keeping the attention of your audience.


Guidelines for Submission: Your proposal should be a 3–5 page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and APA formatting.


presentation to internal stakeholders has no minimum or maximum number of slides required. You should use your best judgment to create a presentation of appropriate length that will convey the relevant details of your proposal while keeping the attention of your audience.

CJ 790 5-2 Milestone Three Overview: This milestone represents how criminal justice professionals communicate the conclus
Cities I select from the following list: Oakland, CA Scenario A: Law Enforcement You are in a leadership position in a fictitious organization located in the city you selected. The Woke field Police Department is the fictitious police department in your selected city. This police department has been thriving for a long time, but due to the recent rise in scrutiny of the police, morale among employees has dropped. The drop in morale has led to numerous issues in the department. The Woke field Police Department has 196 officers, and its jurisdiction spans 22 square miles. The Woke field Police Department receives funding from the city and is allotted an annual budget of $40 million. The department typically accumulates an additional $1.5 million from grants and forfeitures from the previous fiscal year, for a total budget of $41.5 million. The bulk of the budget is spent in two main areas: employee benefits and salaries. Employee benefits account for $15 million of the annual budget, whereas salaries and wages account for $20 million of the annual budget. The department has currently maximized its spending because of a lack of forfeitures and grants due to a decrease in officer productivity. The forfeiture revenue dropped $500,000 from the previous fiscal year, and this has left little to no funding for personnel items and benefits such as new vehicles, department maintenance, and training opportunities for road patrol officers. You are a recently promoted lieutenant within the Woke field Police Department. As a lieutenant, your job is to supervise, plan, and coordinate the operations and planning of law enforcement activities, including the role of watch commander. You will provide a strategic planning proposal to the chief of police that will solve an external issue occurring in the city while also considering the internal issues occurring within the organization. The Woke field Police Department’s mission statement is the following: To commit to a high level of police services and protection for the citizens of Woke field through the early detection and reduction of crime, an organization of concerned professionals will provide realistic services to the surrounding community in a caring, empathetic, and sensitive manner. The Woke field Police Department will encourage positivity while protecting life and property within the city of Woke field.
CJ 790 5-2 Milestone Three Overview: This milestone represents how criminal justice professionals communicate the conclus
Criminal Justice in Oakland, CA James Spann SNHU Statement of the problem Crime has been known to affect society and individuals negatively. The implications that are due to criminal activities tend to derail progress. Culture changes have created a behavioral pattern that is full of criminal activities. The Woke field Police Department in Oakland, CA, has always been committed to being the best in the city. The police department has been heavily involved to ensure that crime reduces imminently. The recent problem facing the department is employee morale, which is likely caused by reduced forfeitures. The employees have been limited to the personal benefits that they have always enjoyed over the years. The morale has dropped, leading to a decline in productivity. For years, the Woke field Police Department has been committed to a high level of police services and the protection of the citizens. The commitment levels have led to early detection of criminal activities, which has led to crime reduction and prevention. The department has an organization of concerned professionals who aim to provide realistic services to the community in a manner full of care, empathy, and sensitiveness. For years, the Woke field Police Department encourages positivity while offering protection of life and property within the city of Woke field (Eck, & Weisburd, 2015). It has been able to achieve the set goals while in operation. Reduced employee morale has led to increased issues within the department. Besides, the number of criminal activities in the city seems to have been affected. The behavioral theory opines that crime tends to happen due to the behaviors of individuals. This impacts the people within negatively or positively. In this scenario, the Woke field police officers have been affected by the changes in fund remittance. They are discouraged, and thus, their service delivery becomes a challenge. The changes in fund remittance have denied them the personal benefits that they were enjoying (Eck, & Weisburd, 2015). Therefore, the chances of crime increase can be expected due to employee behaviors. Analysis of the problem According to statistical findings on the level of crime in Oakland, CA, the crime rate is high. Some of the reasons given in aid of the crime incidences are due to the level of poverty that is witnessed in the area. It is the second largest city in the United States in ranking based on the crime rate. Besides, evidence posits that the reduced revenue has affected low-income families as the number of services in the area is detrimentally low. This shows that the poverty index is high in the area. The other reason for the increased crime rate in the area is the location of Oakland (Friedman, & Percival, 2017). The central location makes it be exposed to both legal and illegal trade activities. Recurring Trends The trends show that the crime rate in the city in high as per the data of the last 25 years. An evaluation of the population portrays it as the largest municipality in Alameda. According to the 2017 population data, the city has an estimated population of 425,195 in a geographical area of 55.8 square miles. The population growth about the 1990 data is estimated to be 10 percent. The increased population, coupled with a high poverty index, exposes the individuals to criminal activities. The city is racially and ethnically diverse. Ideally, the number of blacks is estimated to be 26 percent. Other ethnic tribes account for 27% for whites and the Latinos (McCarthy, & Lawrence, 2014). This ethnic composition shows that the city is racially and ethnically diverse. Findings reveal the housing and economic measures in Oakland to contribute to changes in crime. First, the high school graduation rate averages that of the state, which is higher than the average housing values. The values in Owner-occupied housing is perceived to be higher than the state as well. For years, the cost of living is economically high. The high cost of living concerns the persons who tend to live below the poverty level. Determination of the high cost of living was also based on the median income as well as the unemployment rate. The unemployment rate in the city is too high, and it is an indication of exposure to criminal activities. Evidence posit the homeownership rate to be quite low in comparison to the state average (McCarthy, & Lawrence, 2014). This is a clear indicator of the housing and homeownership problems that are witnessed by the people in the City. Of notable concern is the number of sworn police in the area. Ideally, the number of police officers are detrimentally low, and this can be a contributor to crime incidences. The relationship between the sworn police officers with the number of crime rates can be termed as sophisticated. Police officers have been known to reduce the levels of crime in any area. However, the current situation in the city is complicated, as the number of police officers in the area are low. In the case scenario, having less motivated police officers tend to perform less for the area. The police officers in Woke field Department are no exception (Lum, & Isaac, 2016). Therefore, the housing, economic, demographic as well as police patterns all are directed to the increased crime rate that is experienced in the area. External contributors Findings reveal that the Oakland Police Department finances police activities. The spending power in the Human Services Department is not equivalent to that of the Oakland Police Department as the police department spends more. According to the social, cultural theory, crime activities tend to emerge during the interaction between different communities. Massive investment has been made in the black community, and this has yielded criminalization and incarceration of the members. The ability to care for the black communities through massive investment was realized after the emergence of discriminatory policing issues. Besides, underinvestment in the community led to financial re-evaluation in the city. Unemployment in the area also contributes to criminal activities. The population of the area is relatively high, and this does not reflect the job opportunities present (Lum, & Isaac, 2016). Inadequate jobs lead to criminal activities as people do not have an involvement. Internal factors Police scrutiny was the underlying cause of low morale among the police. The demands for accountability due to an egregious abuse of both power and abuse has affected the Woke field police department. More often, when liberal approaches are taken, empathetic officers like that of Woke field become less effective. The reaction to the work environment is a common phenomenon. The belief by the police that the public does not understand the challenges that they face tends to affect them with a perfect example being that of Woke field police department. Any criticism, as well as financial implications, tend to affect job performance. Crime activities are due to poverty as well as the family structure. The reduction in the forfeiture revenue affected their involvement and created a negative attitude that hampered growth. They were left with no funding for the benefits that they highly enjoyed, such as department maintenance fees and new vehicles. They could not have the training opportunities which was beneficial to road patrol officers as there were allowances during the training program (Rhonda, 2018). This limited their privileges. Root cause Based on the scenario, the root cause was the reduced funding that they were given. Police behaviors have an impact on the way criminal activities are addressed. The officers were used to government funding, which was a great privilege as they were able to acquire new vehicles for use. Besides, they could get training allowances. Moreover, the allowances that they were being offered, scrutiny was the major issue behind the problem. The scrutiny was from the public who felt that the Work field Police Department was misappropriating the funds. The liberal employees felt that they were being undermined. The feeling by the police officers that the public did not understand the job led to the low morale among them. The expectations that they had was shattered by a lack of public appreciation and increased criticism. The scrutiny affected their industrious ability as they felt that they were not appreciated. This affected their productivity and eventual reduction in grants and forfeitures that was helpful to the department and employees. Police officers believe that they have power and authority. Any criticism tends to impact them negatively (Rhonda, 2018). Thus, the low morale had a bearing in performance. References Eck, J., & Weisburd, D. L. (2015). Crime places in crime theory. Crime and place: Crime prevention studies, 4. Friedman, L. M., & Percival, R. V. (2017). The Roots of Justice: Crime and Punishment in Alameda County, California, 1870-1910. UNC Press Books. Lum, K., & Isaac, W. (2016). To predict and serve? Significance, 13(5), 14-19. McCarthy, B., & Lawrence, S. (2014). Crime Trends in the City of Oakland A 25-Year Look (1987–2012). The Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy. Rhonda Fanning, (2018). How Are Police Officers Affected by Public Scrutiny? Retrieved on May 22, 2019, from https://www.texasstandard.org/stories/how-are-police-officers-affected-by-public-scrutiny/


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