Clayton State University Biology Essay

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For this Chapter writing Assignment, you will answer the following questions:

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1. Describe in detail the events that occur between photosystem II and photosystem I in photosynthesis.

2. Describe the versatility of the glucose phosphate molecule. How do plants utilize this molecule?

3. Consider the following facts: Rubisco can bind with both CO2 and O2. Rubisco will bind with oxygen if the oxygen concentration is too high. In C4 plants, rubisco is protected from high oxygen concentration caused by closed stomata by a layer of mesophyll cells. What happens to carbohydrate production in C3 plants if water is limited and stomata must close? Relate this to the fact that C3 plants are adapted to cooler temperatures than C4 plants.

4. A genetically modified plant has had chlorophyll replaced with a super-efficient pigment that absorbs green light for photosynthesis. What appearance would this plant have and why?

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