Communication assighnment and essay

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essay on communications and essay:

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BB Assignment #2

Define Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, which can be found on page 56 in the textbook, and its value when explaining verbal symbol use in communication. Explain your answer by giving an example. Can you think of a concept that you’ve experienced for which we do not have a specific term in the English language? If you can, how do you express that experience and what does that tell you about the theory? Finally explain how culture influenced your example.

Additionally, what does the term politically correct mean to you? Are words like fireman and cleaning lady merely offensive to some people, or are they inaccurate? Are there any words that would offend you if they came up in a speech? Are there any politically correct terms that bother you? Why or why not?

Finally, provide and explain an example of a nonverbal communication rule you hold and what happens when people violate it. More specifically, incorporate your understanding of the nonverbal code associated with the rule. Can this nonverbal communication rule be violate in many different contexts, such as in a meeting at work, talking with a friend over coffee, while listening to a presenter speak, etc.? If so, explain and provide an example.

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