Compensation and Performance Management

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Select a job from any company in Sultanate of Oman and write the job analysis for the job selected based on the following framework:

  • Job title
  • Purpose of the job
  • Activities and procedures followed
  • Equipment used
  • Reporting relationships
  • Responsibilities of the job
  • Opportunities for skill, career and personal dev
  • Working conditions, safety issues etc.
  • Qualities and qualifications required
  • Performance criteria

Expected to report and analyze the positions. Summary of the evaluation is required rather than just a copy/paste of the job descriptions received.

You may add any other details from your own personal observation or interaction with the job holder.

1. Construction Industry (Galfar, CCC, Desertline Projects etc.)

2. Health Care Services (Khoula Hospital, Badr Al Samaa, Muscat Private Hospital etc)

3. Education (SQU, Middle East College, Majan College etc.)

4. Oil and Gas (PDO, Oxy, Schlumberger, Intertec etc.)

5. Trading (Zubair Automotive, OTE, Al Fairuz Trading, Muscat Overseas, Zawawi Trading etc.)

6. Finance and Insurance (Bank Muscat, HSBC)


Study the organization selected in Task-1 and map various compensation elements of the chosen job using the framework provided in attachment named “Framework”.

Please refer to the Maslow’s Model and Adam’s Equity Theory to identify and enlist non-monetary compensation besides listing obvious elements generally paid to employees in Sultanate of Oman.

TASK 3: Case Study

Mustafa was recruited as an executive manager in the company Muscat Construction LLC three years ago. His role included performing duties relating to administrative work in the company. He was performing very well. In the performance appraisal last year, he scored “1 – Excellent”. The company has a rating scale of 1 to 5 (1 – Excellent, 2-Outstanding, 3-Acceptable, 4-Poor, 5-Not acceptable). Only those in the outstanding and excellent category are eligible for a salary raise.

Due to increase of prices, total costs were increased, and many positions were terminated because of the economic problems. Those who stayed in the company were to handle different tasks to their usual workload. For Mustafa, he was asked to add on other duties including procurement to his daily responsibilities. Because of his new responsibilities and work load, his performance reduced to acceptable at the end of the year. On the other hand, Mustafa expects an increase in his salary.

Suppose that you are the HR manager of the company. How do you deal with the situation? Please use appropriate referencing where appropriate to support your position and advice.

Please answer the following questions:

Q1. Discuss performance appraisal based on performance versus based on effort. How does that relate to this case?

Q2. Why does Mustafa think he deserves a raise in salary? Do you think he has a right to do so, and why?

Q3. Being the HR manager, can you give Mustafa the raise?

Q4. What would be the consequences if you give Mustafa the raise? What would be the consequences if you don’t?

Q5. Discuss different reward options that you can use instead of the salary raise?

Q6. Why should Mustafa’s Job Analysis be carried out again?

Q7. What are some limiting factors to the decision-making process for you in this situation?

*** Words count = 2500 words

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard Style.

*** An Attachment has been uploaded named “Framework” for Task 2.

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