Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: Immigration, Race and Ethnic Relations.

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Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: Immigration, Race and Ethnic Relations. The contemporary era has aptly been defined to be the era of technological advancement, which has revolutionized every aspect of individual and collective human life. Communication has particularly witnessed a tremendous boost in the wake of technological revolution, resulting in the abridging of long and exhausting distances and turning the world into a global village. Consequently, it has become very comfortable for the people to travel wide for a superior job, education, business and health prospects from the poor Asian, African and Far East countries to the USA, Canada, Australia, and central Europe in order to lead a happy, prosperous and high-quality life by becoming permanent residents of these countries after obtaining citizenship and immigrant status at there. It has given birth to the idea of immigration, which simply refers to the change in one’s residential status on a permanent basis. Immigration also involves, according to Goldscheider, the detachment from the organization of activities at one place and the movement of the total round of activities to another (1971: 64).

Although people belonging to all age groups, educational scales and both the genders migrate from their native land, yet the youth could be stated as the most dynamic one in respect of proceeding to the foreign lands for good. According to the statistics gathered by the Government of Alberta (2006), over 51% population of the migrants belongs to the individuals of the age group from 25 to 54 years, while over two-thirds of the immigrants belong to the age of 25 to 65 years. Hence, the people associated with different professions and active in their occupational life maintain the tendencies to migrate to foreign countries. The percentage is almost one and the same for both the gender groups, though males observe a slight edge in respect of migration.

The researches reveal the very fact that financial motives are the most important ones in respect of the peoples’ strife to move from one region to the other. It is, therefore, the young individuals are considered having a high migration rate in comparison to the middle-aged and elderly (Macionis, 2007: 371). It is partly true to the great extent that the third world has been undergoing the problems of unemployment, poverty, lawlessness, socioeconomic discrimination, unequal distribution of wealth, resources and opportunities, and the problem of overpopulation.

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