Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: Market Research for Banking Industry. However, situations changed and matters about financial growth caused a lot of individuals lose sight of the possibility

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Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: Market Research for Banking Industry. However, situations changed and matters about financial growth caused a lot of individuals lose sight of the possibility of losing track of the development and falling off the trail towards freedom and financial progress. This is what has happened among bank industries as they face the world’s most devastating situation of global financial crisis. The imbalance of monetary distribution has now caused many ordinary people who were basically the main clients of local bank branches are now opting to spend their money than save it since what they are earning now is just enough for their daily needs. Meanwhile, those who have better options of saving some of their earnings are becoming cautious about picking the right bank to which they are to invest their money in. In this regard, the banking industry has become a much sceptical commercial branch that needs to be supported through advancement and systemic progress at present so as to allow the smaller financial institutions such as local and rural banks to have at least a “say” in the current competition that they are involved in which practically includes the bigger names of larger banking organizations.

In the study that follows, a proposal of a proper research on how bank consumers view their bank hosts and how they are able to choose over a lot of financial organizations offering them different options of service and saving shall be presented and discussed. This discussion is expected to have a great impact in the process by which smaller banking entities are able to operate successfully in the industry that they have chosen to join.


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1. Formulation of Research Propositions


2. The Focus Group


3. Observations and Analysis


4. Interview Probe


4.1 Sample Population


4.2 Control of Variables Involved


4.3 Handling Ethical Issues


5. Case Study Presentation


6. Expectations


7. References


1. Formulation of Research Propositions

Banks are of course are among the most important institutions in the human society today. Being the bonds that hold the finances of the people, they also stand as the epitome of the society’s development when it comes to economic advancement. However, with the peak of the global financial crisis happening at present, it could not be denied that banks too have quite lost the attracting factor that they have on target clients years before the crisis began. With all these issues impending to affect the decisions of bank consumers, it could seen how the level of interest that the people have towards the intensity of their investments and how they are to manage their earnings that involves bank based investments have already decreased. Saving up money may be only a second priority to many as not so many have any spare budget to save in the bank anymore (WSB, 2009 , Internet) . Apparently, average families earn only as much as they could use for the day and have at least only 20% of their annual income actually dedicated to savings.

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