Complete 4 to 5 page paper on Psychological Research Tooic

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Choose a RECENT psychological research topic and follow the instructions below!

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You will write your introduction, title page, and reference list. Each person (or group member) must complete his or her own individual paper. If I receive papers that are too similar, I will not grade them and you will receive a zero for the research paper. Points will be deducted for errors and/or lateness. Use APA format. Be sure to retain a copy for yourself. A rubric will be used for grading and will be based on the following criteria:

Introduction (General Information)

  1. APA format (you are responsible for ensuring that your entire introduction follows APA format even for material not covered in class).
  • Headings (start your introduction with the title of your study, other headings are not necessary. However if you are using other headings, limit them to 2.
  • Spacing (double space throughout
  • Font (use 12 point font, Times New Roman)
  • Margins (should be 1 inch on all sides)
  • Quotations: limit to 2 quotes (1 short direct quote and 1 long direct quote)
  • Page numbering (top right hand corner)
  • Use correct page format (see below)
  • Cite any idea, statement, comment, and question, that is not your own.

2. Grammar and Punctuation

  • This includes all aspects of grammar and punctuation
  • Proper use of tense (Use past tense but for hypothesis paragraph use future tense).

3. General Writing Style

  • Flow (no jargon or wordiness; no redundancy; also have transition)
  • Organization (organized in paragraphs; general organization of a beginning middle, and end)
  • Clarity (word choice; also avoid the use of first person, do not use the words, prove, proven, proves, proved, or proving)

4. Content

  • Your design must be experimental
  • Cite sources
  • You must have at least 6 references from peer reviewed journals.(3 empirical articles/studies; 3 theoretical, or other for example, book/book chapters)


  • introduce the research problem or question and research related to your topic
  • Define any unfamiliar terms
  • Discuss research on your independent variable
  • Discuss research on your dependent variable
  • Discuss research on the relationship between your independent variable and dependent variable
  • Theory regarding your topic (be sure to address this even if you found no theory on the topic)Empirical research that supports your hypothesis

Empirical Research Section (research that supports your hypothesis)

  • What were the researchers examining?
  • Who were the participants
  • What did the participants do in the study
  • What were the results?
  • What did the researchers conclude?
  • Empirical research that does not support your hypothesis
  • Why there is a need for your study?

Hypothesis paragraph (the last paragraph of your introduction should include the following:

    • the purpose of the study
    • your hypothesis statement (what you expect your results to be)
    • why do you expect these results (please refer to past research for this)?
    • what are your variables
    • operational definition of the IV and DV variables
    • define any other unfamiliar terms not defined earlier

5. Length

  • Your introduction should be at least 3 pages long (this does not include the title page, abstract, or reference list)

Abstract is optional and is extra credit (3 points). The abstract is page 2

6. Page Format

  • Title page –page 1 (separate page)
  • Abstract (optional) – page 2 (separate page)
  • Introduction – page 3
  • Reference list – possibly page 6 (depends on whether your introduction exceeds 3 pages, should be on separate page).

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