Compose a 1500 words assignment on strategies for teaching hearing impairment disabilities. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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Compose a 1500 words assignment on strategies for teaching hearing impairment disabilities. Needs to be plagiarism free! People with moderate hearing impairment cannot hear moderately and soft-loud noises hence they cannot understand speech in the presence of noise in the background. Such individuals are forced to put more effort when coping with their daily life. Moderate hearing impairment is regarded as a disability. This is because students a moderate hearing impaired student has a variety of problems especially when attending classes. For instance, students with this problem cannot hear important points of a class discussion such as content and context without visual cues. They cannot also hear all the vowels in a word. In most cases, they end up omitting’s’, ‘ing’ and ‘ed’ in writing and speech. In addition, they are said to have problems when pronouncing some words, misinterpreted some speech because they cannot clearly understand what was said (Stacey, 2006).

Hearing sounds amplify sound for the people with mild-moderate hearing impairment to hear background noise by making the sound louder. As a result, this necessitates teaching methods or strategies that a crucial when teaching mild-moderate hearing impaired population. In most cases, these strategies are educational based because they aim at improving the quality of learning to students with hearing problems (Gurgur, 2012). There are mainly three teaching methods or strategies essential when teaching hears impaired population namely manual strategies or approaches, computer programs, and use of hearing aids. The research will focus on the above three teaching strategies.

Manual teaching strategy

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Research shows the number of students with hearing difficulties has grown over the past decades. This creates difficulties in the way students receive voices that may result to communication, social, and learning problems. Therefore, educators need critically to consider both long-term and short-term consequences of mild and moderate hearing problems to students, especially in classroom situations. Moderate and mild students are socially and academically vulnerable while attending classes. Teachers need to coordinate with students, their families, and curriculum designers in order to adopt alternative programs that aim at implementing alternative teaching methods such as lip reading and sign language (Johnson, 2013).

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