Compose a 2250 words assignment on social justice: catholic social teaching and the us war on drugs. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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Compose a 2250 words assignment on social justice: catholic social teaching and the us war on drugs. Needs to be plagiarism free! reas to apply Catholic social justice paradigms rests in the contradictions inherent in the United States international drug control policies that vilify users and producers around the world. Before we begin to examine this difficult question, perhaps we might explore the fundamental elements of Catholic social justice that will enable us to creatively deconstruct the weakness of the US War on Drugs.

Within the framework of Catholicism, social justice has been referred to as the struggle for communal righteousness or fairness. It rests on the premise that a just and ethical life is built on a foundation beyond the mere administration of laws that sanction offenders, and entails the intentional construction of creative communities where fairness or righteousness is attained among the members concerning what some world perceive as utopian ways of life. 1 Community needs take precedence over individual needs, while humanity is seen as socially constructed through a combination of ethical and moral sacrifices for the common good. This common good transcends far beyond the re-distribution of individual material comforts as proposed by secular socialist ideologies, in lieu of more non-material, immeasurable, esoteric benefits for the entire community. There is currently little consensus among Catholics on how to achieve these lofty goals however, because the process to identify, accomplish, and prioritize these social justice goals remains highly elusive. Yet despite environmental impediments, there are several interesting contemporary applications that attempt to explicate the process of social justice in a transparent and creative fashion. One such example is the International Green Party.

The International Green Party has identified Catholic social justice as one of its’ four pillars of support.

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