Compose a 250 words assignment on cardiorespiratory fitness. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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Compose a 250 words assignment on cardiorespiratory fitness. Needs to be plagiarism free! Whatis a common exercise test used to determine cardiorespiratory fitness level?

Several tests can be used to test the cardiorespiratory fitness level. The most common tests include a treadmill stress test, spirometry, exercise test, and lung diffusion test.

List 8 specific benefits of incorporating regular cardiorespiratory endurance exercise into your exercise regime.

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Regular cardiorespiratory exercises reduce the risk of developing depression, especially in women.

The exercises help in maintaining a healthy body weight and thus avoid cases of obesity or rather overweight.

Improvement of the efficiency of the body

The endurance aids in the reduction of risks of acquiring a couple of diseases.

Improving the general state of mind against the pressure of life that at one point or the other may cause mental instability.

The cardiorespiratory exercise increases the rate of recovery after a heavy session in the gym.

The exercise improves the general metabolism of the body and thus the general health of an individual.

A person undertaking the exercise gets the advantage of having an improved hormonal profile.

VO2max can be measured in a laboratory setting and estimated using field tests. List one advantage and one disadvantage of each testing method

Laboratory testing has the advantage of accuracy and precision due to the controlled environment the variety of equipment. However, laboratory testing has the limitation of emulating the real environment outside such as oxygen concentration and thus inaccurate results.

Field testing has the advantage of the presence of the appropriate conditions when an individual is undertaking the tests, or rather the exercise thus provide more accurate results. However, the field test has a disadvantage of being risky due to the scope requirement and the equipment needed.

List two goals for your cardiorespiratory fitness

Goal one: jogging for 6 kilometers

Goal two: step aerobics for 1hour 45minutes

Two endurance exercises to include in your cardiorespiratory fitness plan.

The two endurance activities include walking for long distances on a daily basis and exercising on a treadmill on a daily basis after work.

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