Compose a 500 words assignment on statement of interest (1-2 page document which indicates your interest in pursuing graduate studies with the school of biomedical engineering). Needs to be plagiarism

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Compose a 500 words assignment on statement of interest (1-2 page document which indicates your interest in pursuing graduate studies with the school of biomedical engineering). Needs to be plagiarism free! ment of Interest The field of biomedical engineering encompasses three crucial and relevant endeavors taken separately but more so in its multidimensional perspective. One has taken genuine interest in this field due to the intricate preference and intriguing lure for research and being an instrumental contributor to new biomedical technology. I have acknowledged early in my academic years that there are a multitude of innovative ideas that could provide the impetus for future discoveries. I envision honing one’s knowledge, abilities and skills to transfer these ideas into real products and applications. My ideas include the design of auto control system, a better sensor and a very advanced artificial intelligence system or protocol. All of these require extensive engineering knowledge and theoretical background in conjunction with the double major honor degree in economics and physics obtained in University of Toronto St. George Campus.

To expound on the rationale for one’s particular interest in biomedical engineering, besides engineering, there has been innate enthusiasm for biology. In one’s contention, there will continually be scientific research breakthroughs in medicine or biology due to persistent changing needs and demands. Having experienced working in a biophysics research in my final year, there has been validated realization that lots of biological knowledge remains to be further understood by scientists and other health-related practitioners. Likewise, having been involved in diverse research studies on both personal and professional intents, one realized that the number of publication of biological research papers continue to soar, more than other scientific fields of studies like chemistry or physics. The fact supports that genuinely interested and talented people in this field keep discovering new applications to address current and even potential medical and health-related problems and concerns.

On the research aspect, I have discovered preferences in delving into all intricate subject areas covering biomedical engineering. with one’s initial experience into producing better optic sensor and to progress in building a stronger optic sensor control system. For example, with better optic sensor, an “eye” for a computer could be developed to effectively “see” and recognize diverse objects. More ideas are just looming in one’s mental faculties waiting for the ripe knowledge and skills to transform these into practical and beneficial applications.

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The interest in biomedical engineering was likewise influenced by a year spent in Conestoga College where I obtained a diploma of computer application development. Through gaining skills in programming language which include C#, Java and interface building, I strongly believe that this skill is highly suitable for biomedical engineering graduate study as well. In my final year, I participated in a biophysics project where a research was conducted about the interaction of ultra-fast laser with biological material in the school’s physics department. There were two crucial fields in the physics department: one focused on optics and the other is condensing matter. The research part I pursued was in the optics part. The experience provided the perfect opportunity for gaining specialized knowledge in optics such as lens, generation of laser and laser cooling system and data analysis with mat lab. It was indeed a very exhilarating and rewarding process. When I participated in a research in Prince Margaret hospital, I developed a protocol for detecting DNA double strand break with anti-bodies. After this research, one conference paper was published and I was instrumental as a guest speaker in the conference.

All these experiences have proven that I am determined and committed to pursue a career in biomedical engineering. The interest is genuinely innate and eminent, waiting for the perfect opportunity to hone appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities to be an active contributor in this field of endeavor as a full pledged biomedical engineer.

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