Compose a 500 words assignment on wirless. Needs to be plagiarism free! Almost everyone needs to use a cell phone at one time or another. Whether for business concerns or personal, people need to make

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Compose a 500 words assignment on wirless. Needs to be plagiarism free! Almost everyone needs to use a cell phone at one time or another. Whether for business concerns or personal, people need to make calls frequently. Personally, I find a cell phone to be a necessity because with it I can make a call whenever I have to talk to someone, and that too wherever I am. That, I can say, is the basic need a cell phone fulfils for me. After that come other needs that a cell phone can fulfill, calling people being the main purpose for a cell phone. With the new technology present and the progress in cell phone providers’ service, email can be checked and sent via a cell phone too, and that is a very basic need for people today as well. As cell phones are easier than laptops to lug around, it becomes convenient for cell phone owners to check their emails from their cell phones. Text messages, video camera and other applications that cell phones offer today, I believe, are not as important as the previous needs. However, I consider text messages to be more significant than the video camera and other features. They are useful in passing information to others quickly, or to remind them about the schedule or location of a meeting, especially when one cannot make a call, due to any network or other issues. Cell phones will, soon, come equipped with more devices and applications making them more beneficial, and this might result in some health hazards to people. However, that is not a proven fact.

While comparing AT&T, T-MOBILE, VERIZON and SPRINT some of the biggest cell phone service providing companies, it was discovered that all of them have some advantages and disadvantages. We found that SPRINT has the best coverage in the Chicago area, but SPRINT also is the most expensive as compared to other service providers. AT&T, which I use right now, is almost identical to VERIZON. These two companies have a very close competition. However, AT&T is winning right now because of the deal they have with Apple regarding their product, the iPhone. The iPhone is very popular with the customers, and because there are new people buying iPhone everyday, new customers are constantly coming to AT&T for cell phone services. However, the coverage both companies offer is not as excellent as SPRINT, although it is still good, moreover, the rates of both are quite high too. T-MOBILE has average coverage and their rates are not too high either. it does not cost a lot, but the coverage is not very excellent either.

My recommendation is that the choice should be made depending on the desire of the consumer. The companies cater to the unique needs of the consumers, and the consumers can choose the companies based on their individual needs. My recommendation is that if the consumer requires best coverage, should go with SPRINT. On the other hand, if the consumer wishes to use an iPhone or wants to have a slightly cheaper rate, they should go with AT&T and VERIZON respectively. However, my recommendation is that the best option available is T-MOBILE because their rates are the lowest, and even though their coverage is not as extensive as SPRINT, it is still pretty good. In the End I recommend T-MOBILE as the best service providers in Illinois.

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