Concordia College Effective Inventory Management Practices Paper & PPT

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This week, your written assignment is in the form of a Presentation to Management. The assignment allows you to demonstrate your mastery of inventory management and also practice business communication skills.

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In your learning activities this week, you have studied a variety of concepts related to inventory management including costing methods, just-in-time approach, quality and time performance metrics, as well as the accounting for spoilage, rework, and other production related costs.

For this assignment, pretend that you have just been hired as the new Vice President of Operations for a manufacturing company of your choice. Unfortunately, the company has been plagued by numerous inventory related issues over the past couple of years which are having a substantial negative affect on profitability. Issues include but not limited to:

  • Increasing backlog (especially on certain product lines)
  • Reduced inventory turnover (company-wide average)
  • Increasing returns and customer complaints due to defects or other quality issues
  • Rising cost of raw materials
  • Increasing down-time in the manufacturing facility; substantially unfavorable efficiency variances
  • Multiple instances of losing orders due to stock-outs on certain products
  • Issues with suppliers not delivering materials on time or not delivering the correct materials.

The executive leaders of the organization know that you recently earned your MBA, and they have high hopes that you are going to be able to turn things around for them in the area of inventory management and help make the company profitable again. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) has set up a meeting which will include managers and other key personnel from departments including sales, marketing, production, purchasing, accounting, customer service, and the warehouse. The COO has asked you to prepare a presentation to explain your plans and ideas for improving the company’s inventory management practices.


Prepare a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of 20 slides. Use the knowledge that you have acquired in the chapter reading and other weekly learning activities to highlight best practices in inventory management including your plans to address the previously identified issues. You can be creative on this assignment as the choices of company, ideas, and solutions are entirely up to you.

At a minimum, the presentation should address:

  • Implementation of inventory management best practices to address or alleviate the issues negatively impacting the company’s growth and profitability.
  • Communication and collaboration between departments to optimize efficiency in the product life cycle, including supply-chain management and distribution channels.

The presentation should be a minimum of 20 slides and should include speaker notes (this is the section at the bottom of each slide). You will essentially use the speaker notes to prepare the commentary that you would share on each slide if you were presenting the presentation to an audience.

Save the PowerPoint as a PDF document (using “Save as” feature in PowerPoint and selecting “PDF” from the dropdown menu). This allows your instructor to see both the slides as well as the speaker notes when grading.

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