Couples therapy

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The Signature Assignment should be 8-10 pages in length (double
spaced, size 12 font). Please include a title page with your name, date,
class name, and the title of your paper. Paper must contain at least 5
citations from course content
. Each student will submit a Signature
Assignment, which will revisit the Case of John and Susan (see attachment)
using a modality from the course of your choosing, e.g., Gottman,
Emotionally Focused, Integrated, Imago, etc
. It should clearly
demonstrate both the use of the material presented in this course and
your own additional investigation of the subject of the course using
academic and other authoritative sources. Show that you understand
the basic concepts necessary to do a couples assessment. Apply
concepts from the texts and our course to your case study. Then
discuss what interventions or treatment you would provide.

Please include what model(s) of therapy you would use in your
therapy. You may wish to use “tools” from a number of different
theories. Reference professional sources, in terms of why you have
chosen your particular interventions or treatment.
A key to success with the Signature Assignment: Approach this case
not as an academic exercise, but as a real-world experience. A
Couples Therapist must run the show, or the couple’s reactivity will
quickly hijack the process and run it into the ground (and they don’t
need to pay you to have the same fight they have been having ad
nauseum!). This confident command of the session can only come
from thoughtful, strategic planning and a high degree of awareness of
both the couple and of yourself. Whatever your chosen modality,
show that John and Susan can rely on you for the guidance and
support they need.

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Paper must be in APA format. Paper must also include a reference page of citations used.


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