Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses how to prevent the development of addiction in young people.

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Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses how to prevent the development of addiction in young people. Based on the risk factors identified, what do you think can be done to prevent the development of addiction in young people?

For young people, the utilization of alcohol and drugs before the brain has fully developed increases the child risks of future addiction to drug intake. Having an addicted parent or close relatives increases the probability of the child being addictive too. Children who grow in families suffering from problems of drug addiction such as alcohol suffer from a number of social, psychological and learning difficulties such as lack of good parental care, insufficient physical and psychological safety, undeveloped life skills and will later develop communication problems in life (Brad and Nathan, 2002).

Preventing the development of addiction in young people is essential. Family involvement is important for families who have an addictive problem. Disclosure among a parent with an addictive problem to the child is essential as well as letting the child know that addiction is a family problem and it runs in the family, thus the child will be aware of their chances of being an addict. In schools, it is important to educate the children on the consequences that result from abusing drugs such as addiction so that young people can be aware of. Teachers and parents should be involved in childcare to discover any abnormal behaviors of the child to offer corrective measures as such behaviors result due to instances of drug abuse (Vida &Rasa, 2011).

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Based on the information provided, what can be done to help children of alcoholics?

Children from alcoholic’s families have a four-ten times risk of becoming alcoholics themselves. Hereditary is a major predisposing factor to drug addiction. It is important for such parents to discuss and disclose their addiction problems to their children. Despite the problems being faced by addict parents, the child needs to be shown that they are loved. They need to know that it is not their fault that the parent has an addictive problem. The parent needs to involve the child in their own program of rehabilitation by assuring them that they will do everything to get out of the problem. It is good to discuss with the child about drug addiction as it is hereditary so that the child may avoid any instances. In so doing, young people will be aware of drug addiction thus will be very cautious not to develop an addiction problem.

Whose responsibility is it to support children of addicts/alcoholics?

Parents will decide on the strategies the child will adopt. Educators need to focus on the family in enhancing their support for the child, though they also have a role to play in the child’s treatment process (Maria, 2002).

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