Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses school leadership: the k-12 education system.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses school leadership: the k-12 education system. Albert Hirschman stated in his book Exit, voice and loyalty depicted the situations that individuals find themselves in when the services they previously received have experienced a quality deterioration. He observed that people often feel very frustrated and are torn between whether to exit from a said service provider or stay and demonstrate loyalty in the hope that they will go back to their previous conditions. This is the situation prevailing in the United States education system. The education sector has been plagued by a lack of democratic appliance in administration and resultant employment of centralized control in the k-12 education system.

During the 1830s, the scholar Alexis de Tocqueville paid a visit to the United States. He observed that Americans had an incredible sense of loyalty to their education system. The local schools received a lot of support from the local citizenship. At the time, the American populace was of the opinion that schools were another extension of their family structures and neighborhood alliances (Kahan, 2010). Schools were linked to charity work and therefore society held them in high regard as the promoters of education in the search for sustainable development. They were the face and directors of civil societies. The education system was noble and had garnered the trust of those investing in it, even in the smallest capacities. All stakeholders were involved in activities and budgets for the education system.

Today, the American populace still holds the education system in high regard. the sentiments that were made in Tocqueville’s time are still being made, for the larger part. However, as time progresses, there has been the development of an additional view of the K-12 education system. an increasingly unresponsive and uninvolving bureaucratic venture (Woods, 2005). The institutions’ regard for the main stakeholders-parents, teachers, and students has experienced a deep deterioration. This has only served to widen the gap between the people whose influence and opinion is the direst in the education system.&nbsp.

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